Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Twelve Months I Didn't Blog

Woh, it's been a long time since I posted here. A little over a year! I blame Facebook for my lack of blog posts, as it's so much easier to write a quick post on Facebook than on the blog. But I enjoy writing here, so I'm going to try to start doing it more often.

I also realize that this will probably be the only recorded memories I'll have for my kids when they're grown. I'm terrible at making photo albums and their baby books are only a few pages long each. Poor John doesn't even have a baby book! So this blog will be it.

So for the sake of my children, here is a super speedy photo recap of:

The Twelve Months I Didn't Blog

May 2017: Lydia turned ten! The rest of this month was a blur of sickness after wasn't a great month.

June: In June we had two interns live with us, Jordan and Janelle, on either end of the photo. This was a fun night where we took some of the older girls from the Children's Home for a night out in Lima. 

July: On the first day of this month we flew to the states for our 6-month home assignment. This photo captures perfectly the fun of our July-California with all the Linehans, and that means lots of cousins. Here 's all 14 of them, plus my brother Tim who is holding his son. (He had hurt his foot and couldn't stand.)

August: August was mostly spent enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and reuniting with old friends.

September: I had to decide between a photo of one of our many camping weekends, or of Davy with her friends on her 8th birthday. The sweet birthday girl is the winner!
October: This was our view of Dan for the majority of most days while we were in the US, not just October. We also traveled a lot in October, with trips to Phoenix, Lake Tahoe, and Alberta. He fit study time in whenever he could.

November: November was spent in my hometown of Burbank, Washington. It was fun to be with my parents and show the kids my old stomping grounds! Also in November, John turned four and we got to spend Thanksgiving week with Dan's side of the family.

December: Lots of fun times with my sister's kids during our weekly "Cousins Day"! We also enjoyed spending the holidays in the US for the first time in six years. We headed back to Peru just before the New Year.

January: We felt like this most of January as we recovered from our travels and readjusted to life in Peru. We also traveled to Pucallpa for our yearly missionary conference, which is always a great time. This is the kids in the airport after the conference, tired from their busy week and ready to be done with airplanes for a while.

February: This photo sums up February pretty well. This is a trip to a water park with the Children's Home. February is a hot month so we try to be in a pool or the ocean as much as we can!

March: The first couple weeks of March are the last weeks of summer vacation before school starts up again, so the kids try to fit in as much time playing outside with friends as possible. 

April: Lucy turned 13! Lucky for her and all of us, the day of her birthday grandma and grandpa arrived for a visit!

May: We'll end where we began, as now we've come full circle. It's May again, and Lydia is now 11! 

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