Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

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Since I last posted...

This handsome fella turned three! We love this happy little guy!

We've received four new children at the Juniper Tree Children's Home--all girls, and all four as sweet as can be.

Over Thanksgiving, we got a visit from Aunt Hannah! Hannah is Dan's sister. She was here for her birthday so we celebrated with ice cream and Tres Leches cake.

We had so much fun showing her around Lima and spending time catching up.

We were proud to attend the seminary graduation of Estefanny, who grew up at the Juniper Tree. What an outstanding person she had turned into! Beautiful inside and out.

Here is Estefanny with her housemom, Oli. It was a small graduating class of two--and the Juniper Tree filled half of the seats available, all of us excited to cheer her on.

Found in our grocery store: Honey Nut Noonies. Nope, they don't taste anything like the real thing.

A 5k was held to benefit our ministry and another local ministry who helps children. It was a huge success! All the kids and staff from the Children's Home ran in it, along with hundreds of other Lima runners. It was a fun family event.

My favorite moment of the race was when we passed a group of bystanders who were clapping and cheering for the runners. One little girl that we were running with saw the crowd and put on a show, sprinting past them in her best running form, waving as she passed. She was a bit short-sighted as she slowed down again the moment she passed them (even though they could still see her), but I'm guessing they thought it was as cute as I did!

We celebrated a landmark at the Children's Home this month as one of the boys turned 18 and graduated from high school in the same month. There was a party to celebrate him and send him out into the world with love and prayers. He will stay at the Juniper Tree for the summer, and then plans on going to Bible school for one year, followed by university to study to become a veterinarian.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 'Till next time...


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