Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Great Are You, Lord!

It's time to play catch-up on what's been happening in our lives here in Peru! The last few months have been pretty full. I've been neglecting the blog not for lack of things to write about, so much as lack of time to sit down and write them out! So here is a quick recap of what's been going on.

God tends to teach me things He wants me to learn in themes...staying with it until I get it! The theme in mine and Dan's life these past few months has definitely been connecting with God through prayer and simply being in His presence. And, wow, in His presence is where I want to be! He's with us all the time, but this song (below) quickly makes me aware of His presence, and so has been heard in our house a lot during this season. I thought it would make a fitting theme song as I think back over the last several months, so please push play, if you wish, and read on!

In June, we hosted an intern, Kenzie, in our home for a month. She helped us with a sponsorship project and taught English classes at the Oasis, all while getting a taste of missionary life. We loved having her! She was a hit with all the kiddos at the Children's Home (and with my kids, too!).

Kenzie wanted to do something fun with all the girls from the Home, so one night we bought a bunch of pizzas, played games, watched a movie, and stayed up late with the "little" girls...

...and the next night we took the "big" girls out for a nice dinner followed by a movie in the theater.

In June, Dan and I finally made it to Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World! We have been wanting to go since coming to Peru, and the perfect opportunity arose when a team wanted us to accompany them to help with logistics. It certainly lived up to its hype. It really is amazing and beautiful. We brought John along but left the girls for the weekend with the Fietjes. It was a quick trip and the three of us suffered some altitude sickness, but not enough to ruin our trip.

In July, Dan and I celebrated our 16th anniversary! This year, since Kenzie was staying with us and offered to watch the kids, we got to go out on a real date to celebrate! I'm soooooo glad that Dan's my partner for this life!

In mid-July, I took a crazy, very last minute and unexpected trip to the US for a women's conference near Seattle. The whole experience was amazing, in particular how God worked it all out for me to go, as well as the ways He revealed Himself to me throughout the week. Plus, the week was full of sweet gifts from God...

...like seeing this...

...and spending an afternoon with my friends Heidi and Angela, where I got to pick blackberries behind Heidi's house...

...and spending a couple of days with my two cute nieces.

Dan spent the week as a single dad, and did awesome. But we were all super happy to be back together as a family when the week was over! 

June and July were so busy that I think we spent August recovering, so I don't remember much about August. Except that we had some friends over and tried our hand at making corn dogs! They were a success!

Both the Fietje's and Lisa have been gone for several months while they are on home assignment in Canada. As such, Dan and I have been covering sponsorship responsibilities. So, much of August was spent writing letters with kids, translating, and preparing the letters to be sent to the home offices.  Is this not the cutest letter? I love how she ended the letter with "Amen".

Winters in Lima are pretty mild, so if my kids want snow they have to make it themselves by putting ice in the blender. They had an epic 5-second snowball fight before running out of snow.

This photo was taken just as the photographer was pelted in the face by four tiny snowballs...

In September, Davy turned 7! We celebrated with strawberry cheesecake.

She's a sweet seven-year-old.

On October 2 we celebrated 5 years in Peru! Here's a picture of Davy on our flight here five years ago at age two--and as I write this, another sweet two-year-old is also taking her first flight to Peru! Dan's sister Jessica and her husband Seth with their daughters, Molina (4) and Marcie (2) are on their way to begin their time as missionaries with Kids Alive in Lima. Dan will head to the airport to pick them up in a couple of hours. We're excited! Jessica and Seth were with us when we first came down five years ago, because they came along to watch our kids while we were in language school. That was when they first started considering coming back. Five years plus two kids later, and here they come. :)

We´ve been busy this week preparing for their arrival and getting their room ready. They'll stay with us for a week or so before heading to Arequipa to study Spanish. 

 We have been enjoying some beautiful weather lately, and the sun is coming out more and more each day. Dan's wondering if maybe this will be the year he gets John out on a surfboard? ;) 

And that brings you up to date! Thanks for staying with me; I know it was a long one. 

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  1. So good to hear about your lives! Thanks for the update!!