Monday, May 2, 2016

What Makes Summer, Summer

Summer is coming to a close here, which always makes me a little sad, even though I do love the fall. I've talked before about having "season confusion", because American autumn is so tied in to all the things that make autumn feel like autumn... apple cider, falling leaves, pumpkin lattes (ok, pumpkin everything), and we don't have any of that here. Autumn in Lima has a different feel. Autumn feels like warm days and cool nights, an abundance of mandarin oranges, quiet, slower days, a less hectic schedule, and empty beaches. We've had to get used to the different feels of each season, but now we look foward with anticipation to the benefits each season has to offer.

So in honor of my favorite season, summer, coming to an end, I thought it might be fun to share with you a list of a few of the awesome things that make summer feel like summer in Peru (at least for we Andersons!)

  1. Christmas. I can hardly believe that I ever got used to this one. But now, when the weather starts to get warm, and I begin to see flip flops and beach umbrellas out in the stores, I actually think to myself, "Ooooo, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"
  2. MANGOES. Lots of delicious, juicy mangoes!
  3. Endless Sunshine and Warm Weather. The weather here is perfectly predictable. In summer, every day is sunny and hot. I will admit that this summer was a mite too hot, and while I didn't enjoy being covered in sweat every minute of the day, I do love the sunshine and the fact that plans are never ruined by a surprise rain.
  4. Ceviche. This one took me several years to warm up to, but now I find it to be the perfect summer meal. A Peruvian specialty of raw fish "cooked" in lime juice with hot peppers, onions, cilantro and other spices. It is served cold with cold, cooked sweet potatoes and corn kernels. Delicious!
  5. Pools. One thing I love about the area we live in are the many outdoor restaurants with pools. Usually, you can use the pools for free as long as you order something from the restaurant, and it makes for a great Sunday afternoon.
  6. Teams. Summer is when we have the most teams visit, and teams are always fun.
    A team from California
  7. KIDS. Summer vacation from school means lots of fun activities with the kids from the children's home. Besides activities, we also like having them come over to play or hang out with us. And don't forget the neighborhood kids-during the summer there is always someone around for our kids to play with!
    Movie-making fun!
  8. Chicharron Sandwiches. Just the greatest sandwich in the world, that's all. Slices of fried pork, fried sweet potato, an onion salsa made of red onions, hot pepper, cilantro and lime, and creamy spicy pepper sauce on a fresh bun...the best. We love to head to the beach early in the morning before the crowds come and stop for a breakfast of chicharron sandwiches on the way.
    Dan and Lydia with chicharron sandwiches after an early morning surf date
  9. More People Time. For some reason, during the summer there just seems to be more opportunities for hanging out with people. Especially this summer after moving back closer to the Children's Home, we have had more opportunities to spend time with people-kids from the home, neighbor kids, grown up home kids, ministry staff, and friends. I've liked it.
    Afternoon get together of games and Dan's famous curry

  10. Beach.  Its not summer in Lima without the beach. Here is a photo of my favorite beach day this summer. It was my favorite because there was no one on the beach with us the first hour, and we watched a huge school of dolphins playing and jumping out of the water just off the shore. It was a gorgeous, peaceful day.
I love how you can see Dan and John playing down by the waves!

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