Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Move

It has been a crazy month since my last post, and not a month I would ever want to repeat! (Lucy is reading over my shoulder and just said, "That's for sure!").  Nothing catastrophic happened; it was just busy and stressful with a lot of sickness, doctor visits, Dan's knee surgery, and moving to a new house!

Right in the middle of the craziness, John turned 2! His birthday happened to be the day Dan came home from the hospital after his knee surgery, so the poor boy had to forego a homemade birthday cake and instead got a store bought Paneton (Christmas bread), frosted with butter. He was happy though, and walked around the house singing "Happy Birthday" to himself all day. (And by the way, Dan's surgery was a success-he is already surfing and is even able to run on it now!)

We had been keeping our eyes open for houses to rent that are nearer to the children's home, and we found the perfect house for us-right next door to the house we used to live in our first three years here! There were so many benefits to moving back that we couldn't pass it up, one being that it is located just minutes from the children's home.

We had a great year in our house on the beach, and we are thankful for the good memories from there. We were sad when Johny, because he was sick with the stomach flu, didn't get to say goodbye to his friend, the lady who owns the little convenience store down the road from our house.  He loved his almost daily walks down to the store. He would run in and greet her with a big, happy "Hola!", and she always sent him home with a treat. (That's why she was his favorite!) Luckily, he did get to say goodbye to his other bud, the bread man. He and Davy would run outside with a sol (about 30 cents) to buy a bag of bread every morning at 9am when they heard the bread man drive by honking his horn.

We have been in our new place about three weeks now, and finally beginning to feel settled. The house is large, with two stories. The strange thing about it is that the two floors are only connected by an outside stairway, so we have to go outside to go downstairs! The house was built with the intention of being able to rent out the top and bottom separately. We are hoping with the extra space that we will be able to host people more often, not just visitors, but also short term missionaries/interns or possibly even teams. Our church is sending a team down in January and we are excited to have them here in our house rather than in the team apartment which is 45 minutes away!

Here is our new house (the day we moved in), and you can probably tell that it was a lot of work getting it ready to live in. The inside of the house was, like most houses here, an empty shell without closets or cupboards or shelving of any type.  The porch on the second floor was open with no railing (like you see in the photo) for our first week or two in the house, which is a scary thing when you have a toddler! It has a nice glass half-wall enclosing it now.

In the left of the photo you can see our old house, the blue building that appears to be connected to the back of our house. It isn't connected, but is built just a couple of feet away. Another Kids Alive missionary, Lisa, lives there now, and that is anther reason we are so excited to be living in this house! It will be nice to have her so close.

Below is a shot of the front yard. It isn't much to look at now, but it is going to be great! This last week we hired some of the older boys from the home to help Dan clear the junk out of the yard, and in a couple of days we are going to lay grass. We also planted banana, avocado, peach, and mandarin trees around the perimeter, and there were already chirimoya (custard apple) trees and grape vines in the yard, which need some attention but should produce. We are going to plant passion fruit vines to cover the back wall, put up some hammocks on the porch, and we'll have a nice yard to hang out in!

But, thank goodness, there will still be plenty of dirt around for making mud pies! (We will never run out of dirt in Lima!)

The kids are really happy to be back in the old neighborhood, and have already had many fun times with their old neighbor friends, playing soccer, running around as cops and robbers, making up "shows", and putting on little "fiestas". And of course, being near Christmas, making and eating Christmas cookies!

So that's what's been going on with us! This is always a busy but exciting time of year, with the combination of Christmas and the beginning of summer vacation from school. We are looking forward to the months ahead!


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