Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top Three and The Oasis in Photos

This is the second to last post in our long series. This one is about what excites us about the Oasis! And of course, lots of photos!

Look at that cheeky little boy hamming it up for the camera!

If you have not heard the basics of what we do at the Oasis, look at our "What We Do" page, found here.
Here we go.

The Top Three Things That We Are So Excited About That When Asked We Will Likely Go On and On and On About It While You See Lots of Animated Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions From Dan

1. Workshops for Teens
This year we tested out "talleres" or workshops/classes for our teenagers, starting with classes in carpentry, sewing, and computers. It was a big hit, and we are looking at adding welding and computer repair classes next year. Besides learning new skills for a brighter future, our instructors (our staff and local believers who come to serve) are doubling up as mentors. The local church at work!

Homework Club teens out for "pollo a la brasa" (roasted chicken)

2. A Support Network for Moms

A life of despair and loneliness becomes one of hope, love, support, and BELONGING to our loving heavenly Father. Every year a new group of moms arrive,  tired, struggling, hopeless. Every year a beautiful little community blooms.
Their year at the Oasis is a time of respite and security, support and encouragement. It is a year of struggle and reconciliation, a taste of what it is like to be part of a family with Christ at its head. We LOVE to see those that decide to follow Jesus continue in that family after their year with us is over.

3. Teachers and Families, Working Together

Through the ministry of our school we hope to see transformed families. This year we experimented with monthly meetings with the parents of our kids, discussing the core values we believe are important to teach their children. We have had so many opportunities, through this, to share our faith in small ways, and to develop a partnership with families, rather than just a place to drop off their kids. The most exciting thing? The dads who we are starting to get to know through this process! As many of you know, dads have been so hard for us to reach.
Learning to pray!
"Family Day" at the Oasis

Thanks for sticking with us! I will leave you with a few more photos of some beautiful faces.

Dan and Katie

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