Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pray For Them

Most of the posts I have written this month (here, here, and here) were about our vision and goal for the children at the Juniper Tree. It´s the ideal. We know what we want life to look like for our kids, what kind of family we want to give them. But it doesn't always turn out that way, and there are many challenges and obstacles that we face in doing so.

There are definitely limitations to providing family through a children's home.  We are constantly fighting against those weaknesses. It is not a perfect solution, but, I don't think there is a perfect solution. We sometimes get discouraged by our weaknesses, by what we aren't able to give them. I wish that they could be adopted into loving families, or that their biological families could be restored to health. I wish that they didn't have to grow up in a children's home. But since they do, we do our best to meet their needs. We will trust God to cover our weaknesses with His grace and to be the perfect Parent to them.

I know it can be hard to remember to pray for people so far away from you that you have never even met. I admit that sometimes I forget to pray for these kids, and I love them and know them personally. It helps me to think-what if my kids were in their position? If my kids were in their place I would be praying like mad. Since they don't have parents to pray like mad for them, let's stand in their parents' place and join together to bring their needs before our Father.

Maybe you could pray as you read? That way, any time this blog post is read, it will be a prayer offering to God!

Please Pray...

For the Children

**...that God would give our kids open hearts, remove their walls and defenses, and teach them how to connect with Him and with others. Pray that their wounds and past hurts would be completely healed and will not be carried on into the next generation.

**... for God's protection over the children. May there be NO abuse at all, ever, in our children's home.

**...for secure, rooted, attached relationships between the kids and their houseparents.

**...that God's love will become the unshakable security for each child!

 For the Houseparents 

**...that God will bring just the right people to fill each houseparent role.

**...for stability in our houseparents, that God will enable them to stay long-term so that there is not repeated loss of relationship in the lives of the children.

**...for God to fill the staff with His love for the kids, and empower them to love them unselfishly, even when its hard.

**...for much wisdom and patience in dealing with challenging behaviors and conflicts.

For the Ministry

**...that God will provide all that is needed financially to cover the childrens' needs.

**...that God will provide resources and people to help develop the unique gifts/talents of each child to prepare them for the life and future that God has planned for them.

**...for unity and love between everyone involved in caring for these children.

Thank you!

In the next blog post, we move on to our other ministry, the Oasis Care Center!



  1. Wow! Thanks for this....Praying with you and challenged to pray more.

  2. My teary-eyed prayers were heard! God is close to these children and the adults who care for them.
    - Melissa Petersen