Sunday, May 31, 2015

Snapshots of our Saturday

This is a quick post with a few snapshots of our day!

The weather this May has been gorgeous, often sunny and in the 70's when normally May is a cool, cloudy month.

When we woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful, sunshiny day we just had to take advantage.

[Side note: The waves this month have been ENORMOUS, so much so that some days they rattle the windows in the front of our house. One weekend, the waves got so big that they came right up into the yards of the first line of houses along the beach, which is pretty amazing considering how large our beach here is. In the photo below I am standing pretty close to where the waves normally reach, and you can see the first row of houses in the distance. That's how far up the waves reached!]

As a surfer, Dan habitually checks the "wave forecast" and noticed that yesterday the waves had finally gotten small enough at one of his surf spots to take the girls out. Lydia has been dying to go for awhile.
And she's up!
Davy gave it a go as well. She did great too! So brave!

Not quite big enough yet, Johnny!

After lunch and naptime, we went to the children's home. We have been trying to make an effort to spend a little time there as a family each Saturday. Dan went early to interview a couple for a houseparent position and to help the kids there with some Saturday chores (mowing, weeding, etc.), and then the kids and I went later for some play time.
Davy Sue and Meche played "chapada" (tag) and then jumped off of the sides of the gazebo 100 times.
Johnny let Macarena and Teche haul him around and put him down the slide. He liked the slide part, and put up with the hauling him around part.

And Lucy and Lydia joined in with several of the kids for a futbol game, and Lucy scored her first goal! Gooooooolazo!!!!! The girls have been practicing at home with Dan quite a bit so they are getting better and more confident.

And that was our Saturday! We hope you had a nice weekend too. :)


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