Monday, April 13, 2015


...we now have internet. Its kind of embarassing to admit what a trial it was for me to be without home internet access for almost five months, but it very much was! Shameful, I know, especially when I think about what missionaries "of old" willingly sacrificed. I wrestled with impatience and entitlement and all sorts of ugliness related to me not getting what I want. It was a good wrestle and I think (I hope!) God did achieve in me what He wanted. But I am thankful to be connected to the world again.

This handsome guy has grown up a lot in the past 5 months!
There is a lot to catch you up on! Ill just start back at where we left off. That we are in a new house is old news, but I never did get to tell you about it, and I'd really like to. After we came back from furlough at the beginning of November, we immediately started looking for a house. We wanted to stay in Pachacamac, where the children's home is located, but we didn't have any luck. We ended up finding a really nice house about 15-20 minutes from the childrens home and 45 minutes from the care center.

We found the house mostly by accident-we were driving by looking for rental signs when the owner flagged us down and asked if we were looking for a place to rent. When she heard that we were looking for a house to rent for at least a year, and possibly more, she got very excited! The house is a vacation house and she is accustomed to renting it out by the week. She lives in the U.S. and was trying to set up rental weeks and maintain the house from there, which was proving to be very difficult. She had flown in just for that week to get the house ready for a rental season and try to find renters. The idea of having someone in her house taking care of it for her, keeping up on maintenance (things deteriorate quickly on the coast!), and not having to mess with multiple short term renters was so appealing to her that she gave us a very good Price. (For which we were relieved, since it was the only house we had found that worked for our family.) We can still hardly believe that we are living in where we can hear the sound of waves while eating our breakfast, but here we are!

We have a huge yard, so the kids have lots of space to play outside, a nice private backyard with a pool, and the beach is a two minute walk away.  We are loving enjoying nature and being outside as a family again. That is something that we really, really missed in our old house. It has been a very restful place to live. We love taking family walks on the beach, and hanging out in our backyard on Dan's days off, grilling and swimming. The pool has gotten a lot of use this summer!


As you can see, we feel a bit spoiled. Im not sure how long we will live here (the distance from the ministry sites isn't bad but we still would like to be closer), but we will certainly enjoy it while we can!
More on all the other things that have been happening around here another day!

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