Sunday, November 16, 2014

Return from Amewica

We moved to Peru when Davy was two, so she had no memory of the U.S., but when she was younger she was sure that "Amewica" had pink, sparkly streets. :)

We've just returned from a four month trip to that magical sparkly land of America, with happy memories of beautiful green forests, donuts, cousins, Cheerios & Frosted Mini-Wheats, Costco, blueberries, gorgeous views, and lots of fun times with friends and family. We really had a nice time.

We were in the US from July 2-November 3 and Johnny did a lot of growing while we were there! The first picture is John the night before we left for the States (7.5 mo.), and the second the night before returning to Peru (11.5 mo.).

The nine hour flight from Los Angeles to Lima went MUCH better than our flight in July. It was still hard but each seat had its own TV so the girls stayed occupied, and Johnny was in good spirits and slept decently well. I was super nervous before the flight because John had a tummy bug that morning and was going through diapers like crazy. Before getting on the plane I wrote and asked several people to pray, and his tummy was fine for the entire flight! And we didn't run out of diapers like I was afraid of. It started back up again once we were off the plane, but I'm so thankful that he didn't have problems on the flight.

Long plane rides...

...can make you...

...a little crazy!

We had a bit of a rough re-entry but are doing better now. We had someone come and clean our house for us before we arrived and make up the beds to be ready for us the night we got back, but unfortunately the water was out at our house the entire day she tried to clean, and the house was in bad shape with lots of dust and mold. I can't believe she did as well as she did cleaning with no water, but still when we arrived at 2:30 in the morning the house smelled very strongly of mold. The kids (and me! ha-ha) all had a hard time when we arrived in the middle of the night to a cold, damp, smelly house with no running water, but we eventually got everyone to sleep.

This brings us to the next morning when we were all awakened early because of construction going on directly above us. It is hard to clearly express just how obnoxiously loud it was with all the banging and the workers' loud music, but it sure interfered with recovering from jet lag, especially for John. That coupled with the mold made for a difficult first week! BUT we've recovered now and the construction has stopped, the house has aired out and I've given it a thorough cleaning, so everything is (mostly) better now.

We've spent the last couple of weeks getting used to things again. The hardest for me has been the dirt. Everything is so dirty.Whenever people visit us here they always talk about how dirty they feel all the time because its so dusty here, but I was used to it and had gotten to where I didn't notice it. Well, I am noticing it now. I am slowly readapting. I'm coming to terms with my kids being filthy all the time...especially John. Oh my, is he filthy and in to everything.

Playing soccer in the dirt with neighbor boys

There are a lot of other things that have been hard to get used to again, but I don't want to be too negative, because really we have loved being back. After the initial shock of the first day, we have been enjoying it more and more. Most of all, its just good to be back home with just our family in our normal life. Our four months in the US was awesome, but that's a long time to be unsettled. We've enjoyed visiting favorite spots again, eating pollo a la brasa, seeing the Kids Alive staff and missionaries and the kids at the home, going to the central park in Pachacamac, and being in the nice spring weather. The girls have had fun playing with their neighbor friends again, and Dan, of course, is excited to be back at work and catching up on what we missed while we were gone. We are sincerely happy to be here!

Biggest surprise for me about being back: the eggs. I spent three years whining about how I don't like the flavor of the eggs here and how much I missed American eggs. I avoided eggs for the first year but then I got kinda used to them. I was afraid I would hate them again after eating American eggs, but instead I've discovered that the eggs here are FANTASTIC! We had eggs and bacon for breakfast the first morning, and wow, the yolks are a nice dark yellow and they are super flavorful!  I love finding new things about Peru that I love. I'm adding eggs to that list. :) (And fried cheese. The fresh cheese the neighbor lady sells us weekly is delicious fried!)
Frying up some chunks of cheese
This has gotten long, but just one more thing. Pray for us as we are figuring out what to do about our living arrangements. Our house is largely packed up and we are still living out of our suitcases until we know where we are going to live. We are anxious to have that done with quickly.

It was so nice to see everyone! We are missing all our family and friends!



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  1. The eggs and cheese sound delicious. Mold not so much!
    Glad you are back "home" and will be praying for housing and readjustment!!!