Monday, May 12, 2014

Always Changing

Things are constantly, though slowly, changing here, and we've had a few recent changes that have been or will be really nice for us.

1) Our landlord installed a water tank for us. Our water generally gets turned off daily around 5-6pm  and doesn't come back on until the morning. It hasn't been much of a problem because it was easy to plan ahead, but it sure is nice to have water all the time. I love not waking up to last night's dinner dishes!

2) They finished the second floor apartment above us, which will increase our security. They also painted the house (the front of it anyway, which is normally all they paint here), put a wall around the roof level, and added a roof. We have two rooms in the middle of our house that are open air, so the roof will keep these rooms dry during the winter when it drizzles.

3) A friend gave us this swing set for the kids. It is getting a lot of use!

4) At the children's home, we had a team come down and pretty-up the entry way.

Before this was a dusty open lot, and now we have a gravel parking lot, a middle tree which we hope to grow big and flower (there are also flowers all around that Green grass circle, but they are still to small to see right now),  a beautiful gazebo, and the grass next to the gazebo will eventually have a volleyball net. It looks so much nicer!

5) A couple of days after Johnny was born, we tried to go somewhere and found that we were blocked in because they had torn up the road entering our house, and all the roads between here and the childrens home that connect to our house. We couldn't get the car out for three days, but since getting out, we haven't been able to get the car back in for the last 5 months. So we've had to park our car quite a ways from our house and walk back and forth. It was a huge pain at first, especially carting groceries or baby stuff back and forth, but we've gotten used to it. It will be worth it when they finish, as they are working on paving all the roads around us. It will be nice to keep dust down, and make riding bikes and pushing the stroller to and from the childrens home a breeze. The little road in our neighborhood is getting a makeover too, laying down brick pavers. (I think thats what they are a brick path) The road directly in front of our house will still be dirt, but paving all the others is going to make a huge difference for us. It is taking a long time to finish, but they make progress daily so I know one day it will be done!

The black gate leads to our house...this will be either paved or brick

 6) We got a new vehicle! We can fit all six of us in it safely (plus two), it handles the back roads nicely, the air conditioning works well, and it should hopefully last us many years. We are thanking the Lord big time for this one!

7) We received three new kids at the childrens home a few weeks ago. Two boys and a girl from the same family. The youngest boy is a mischievous three year old and has already stolen the hearts of everyone at the home, as has his older five year old brother. The oldest is a girl of about nine years.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I enjoy reading your updates. Thank you! Blessings to your and your family.