Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pretty New Faces

We have three new little girls at the home. They just arrived to us at the end of last week, so they are still settling in. A set of three sisters...

This is "Ana". She is 10, the oldest of the three. We have a small group of Canadians at the home right now and she is trying to convince them to take her back to Canada with them. Just for a short visit so she can see what its like. She thinks four days sounds about right.

This is "Estefany". She is eight and I'm told likes art, especially coloring and drawing. She's the same age as Lucy.

And finally, little "Nataly". She's six years old, like Lydia. Her favorite things to do are playing dress-up and eating cheese. (Thats what she said!) She and I have the cheese part in common, but with the dress-up she probably has more in common with Lydia and Davy.

We are excited to have these girls with us. They come from a situation of neglect and abandonment, and so far they seem very happy to be at the home, though they definitely need prayer in their adjustment. Life at the home is completely different than what they are accustomed to, and are needing to be taught the basics.

Getting new kids is fun...I really love knowing that Im going to get to watch these three grow up, and see what God will do in their lives!

These three girls will need sponsors, so please let me know if you are interested! Sponsorship is $39 a month and you can find out more here.

These kids are so new that they won't likely be on the Kids Alive sponsorship page yet, but if you specifically want to sponsor one of them let me know and I can set it up for you.


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