Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blessed Is This Life- 1

Hi again! I´ve been sidetracked for awhile but thought I would come say hi and catch everyone up on us. This post just seemed to beg for a theme song, so I embedded a little song Dan and I have been enjoying lately. Just push play below. Or don't. But you won't enjoy the pictures as much without the music! ;)

So here, we go. A photo review of life in Peru for the Andersons over the last...(yikes!) 5 months!

One of our biggest blessings and my excuse for being so sidetracked...

Yes! New baby Anderson! This is old news for some, but I know I haven't told everyone. Baby is due around Thanksgiving. Both baby and I are healthy and steadily growing larger. :)

Our trip to Chile was nice and mostly uneventful...except that we almost didn't make it back into Peru. A story for another day! The Lord surely took care of us on that one though!
Lucy turned 8 and we celebrated with a horseback ride on the beach with friends!
Lydia turned 6 and her sisters and neighbor friends threw her a super cute side-yard birthday party...totally planned and put on by them. :) 
Here was a HUGE blessing...our church sent a team down here in June! Six adults and 3 youngins came for a week and it was so nice to be with people from home. They came bearing many gifts and brought us almost everything that we need for the new baby! While they were here they did a lot of different things but one way they specifically blessed me was by helping me with one of my sponsorship projects. Here a few of them are helping some of the younger kids write letters to their sponsors.
 Included in the team was the girls' beloved Aunt Jessica and their new baby cousin! Also on the team was my dear childhood friend, Heidi, and her husband and two little boys. Blessed, blessed, blessed! Both Jessica and the Drydens stayed longer than the week so we got extra time with them. I was having so much fun being with all of them that I forgot to take any pictures. This apparently is the only photo I snapped while they were all here.
My girls might have been a bad influence on Heidi's son, Elias. :) But they sure had fun with him!
On our way to drop off Heidi and Andy at the airport we stopped at my doctor's office for an ultrasound. H&A took the girls for donuts during my appointment, but brought us back a blue and a pink donut so that we could choose one or the other for the girls to know if they were having a baby sister or baby brother. Guess which donut we grabbed...
Yep! This one's a boy! I don't think I'll ever forget when the doctor said "Este bebé es hombrecito." Shock. I didn't think we could make any of those!
That brings us to the end of June...but bed is calling my name. July, August, and September tomorrow!



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