Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Mornings

I was sitting in church a few weeks ago and realized that I've never written about our church here in Peru. Our church experience is definitely much different here in Peru than in the U.S., but we like it.

This is our church, "El Camino".(The church is just inside that big black door.) It is in Pachacamac, just a short drive from our house. El Camino is a church plant by Bible Centered Ministries, who has a Bible Institute nearby that several of our children from the home have attended after they graduate high school.

The church is still quite small (from 20-40 people, depending on the day), and we meet in the garage of one of the members' house. This church is full of children, because the Bible Institute has a children's ministry focus, and run several  Bible clubs for kids.

The kids have Sunday School upstairs and our girls are comfortable there and enjoy their classes.

This is our pastor. He's fun to listen to because he rrrrrobustly rrrrrrolls his rrrrrr's with gusto!

The worship leader grew up in our children's home and just recently graduated from the Bible Institute. He has one more year of on-site work at the institute, then he and his wife plan to go as missionaries to the Peruvian jungle or mountains.

If anyone would like to visit our church with us, service starts at 10:30am...but if you go then, you'll be the first one there. :) (Somehow, I still manage to make our family late every week...)


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