Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lydia's Post

This post is written (dictated) by Lydia, reporting on the progress of her Jungle List.

1) Catch a monkey

No, but I saw a sloth. That's kind of like a monkey. And we saw a monkey at the zoo that we went to that was across the river in the jungle. One of them was eating a banana, and one monkey that was different was pulling my hand in because he could stick his hand out, and he almost pulled my finger in. I thought it was going to bite me.

2) Get a lot of bananas

No. I forgot.

3) Climb a tree to find cocoa seeds

Yeah, but I only could go a little bit of the way, and it was scary. Can you see my face?! Its scary! I saw a cocoa thing from the ground.

4) Look for pink dolphins in the river

Yeah, and I saw a couple of them. Under them is all pink except on top of them is all smooth gray. I know what a pink dolphin feels like. It feels like a wet, rubber ball. And I know it because of a book that teaches us about dolphins. I didn't touch one.

5) Look at a crocodile

Uh-huh, I did, at the zoo we did. The crocodile moved slowly. One jumped into the water really fast. And QUICK, FAST, he jumped into the water. We could see his nose and eyes sticking out, watching us.

6) Look for a Venus Flytrap

No, I just forgot about it. So I didn't.

7) Pick a pink popping flower-a huge one like a house

Yeah, my mom found a pink popping flower on the ground, and Im holding it. Can you see the picture of me? Im wearing my swimsuit because I was about to go play in the river. There were no flowers that were as big as a house.

8) See a cool butterfly

I didn't see a cool butterfly, but Lucy did. I really wanted to see one. When she told me about it I was really excited, and I wanted to see it. It was a blue butterfly.

9) Find a bunch of snails

No, I didn't look for any either.

10) Feed a pink dolphin

Umm, nope. I didn't feed a dolphin.

11) See a bird that can lift up its wings like a ballerina dress and twirl like a ballerina

No, because that bird is in Papua New Guinea. (She is talking about a Bird of Paradise)

12) See a jaguar getting lost in a river

No, I thought the river would be like, woooosh, really fast. But it was just calm. Thats why I thought the jaguar would get lost in it and not be able to get out, but it wasn't so fast. But we saw a jaguar at the zoo and he just sat and looked at us, thats all he did. I thought he would growl at us.

13) Get caught in a Venus Flytrap

Yeah. No.



  1. Love it!!! My kids will love this too! Praying for you all.

  2. I should have added a couple of disclaimers. 1) I didn't take some of these photos. All the fantastic ones were taken by my friend Giannina. And 2) The info provided by Lydia may or may not be accurate! :)