Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Jungle List

We finally got around to taking down our Christmas tree down today. Earlier in December I decided to be one of those cool crafty moms and I made handprint salt ornaments with each of the girls. I baked them for about 2 hours to get them good and hard. Check out what they look like now.

Have I mentioned how high the humidity is here? The ornaments just sucked up all the water in the air and returned to a dough-like state. Its wierd, we live in a desert where everything is brown because there isn´t enough water for vegetation to grow, BUT the humidity is very high. A bonus of this is that when the girls leave the caps of their markers (pretty much every time they use them), they never dry out.

We are leaving soon to go to the jungle! Perú is a very diverse country, and has three main regions-all along the coast is desert, along the middle is mountains, and along the eastern part is jungle/rainforest. Kids Alive Perú has a site (care center and childrens home) in the jungle town of Pucallpa, and this year they are hosting our annual Kids Alive Perú missionary conference. Last year we had the conference here on the coast at the beach, and it was really fun. Between our three Perú sites (one in each the coast, mountains, and jungle), there are seven missionary families, and lots of kids. We can´t wait to visit the jungle, and really look forward to spending time with the other missionaries.

In October I went to Pucallpa with Diane (my friend and the field directors wife) for a women´s retreat (I left the kids and husband at home!). This was a great trip and I can´t believe I never blogged about it. Besides a great retreat, some much needed rest and clearing of my mind, and a sweet time with the Lord, we had some funny things happen. I can´t remember them all now, just something about our night-flight being cancelled; grumpy, hungry passengers chanting for breakfast the next morning at the terminal gate; receiving a brown bag breakfast of Coke and a bag of potato chips; and after waiting for hours at the gate, missing our flight because we were so tired that we misunderstood the call to board Flight 3456 and thought they were boarding rows 3,4,5,6...we were in row 11 or something and waited and waited for them to call our rows, wondering what the hold up was. When they told us we missed our flight we couldn´t figure out how in the world that had happened, as we were sitting right next to the door. Luckily they were boarding another flight to Lima at the same time (which had contributed to the confusion because they were using the same gate) and we got on that one right away. When we finally figured it out during the flight home we couldn´t stop laughing because it was so dumb!

Anyway, when I got home and told the girls all about the jungle, they got really excited and have been anxiously awaiting this conference. Lydia kept thinking up things she wanted to do when we got to the jungle, so we started writing them down on Lydia´s Pucallpa List and keep it on our wall in case she thinks of more. Here it is. (Sorry for the poor photo).

In case you can´t read it, here is the list.
1) Catch a monkey
2) Get a lot of bananas
3) Climb a tree to find cocoa seeds
4) Look for pink dolphins in the river
5) Look at a crocodile
6) Look for a Venus Flytrap
7) Pick a pink popping flower-a huge one like a house
8) See a cool butterfly
9) Find a bunch of snails
10) Feed a pink dolphin
11) See a bird that can lift up its wings like a ballerina dress and twirl like a ballerina
12) See a jaguar getting lost in a river
13) Get caught in a Venus Flytrap
On the heart which she taped next to the list it says I like Pucallpa. I haven´t been there before, but I just know I´m going to like it. Im going to Pucallpa in January. Love, Lydia.

SO. As you can see this trip is a big deal! And Lydia is going to keep us busy climbing trees and looking for crocodiles. We´ve got a lot to get done-we´ll report back after our trip!


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