Tuesday, November 13, 2012

View from Above

We went on a fun hike a while ago up some of the hills surrounding our town. There were stairs up to the top and then paths along the ridges of the hills. It was really steep on the stairs but the girls did great. Even Davy climbed the whole thing by herself. Here's a photo of the town of Pachacamac from halfway up.

We were up top close to dusk, but still we were able to see a lot and the skies were decently clear (for Lima). The girls found the big "whale" (shaped) rock at one of the beaches we go to, and we were able to pick out the children's home and the house behind ours (though our house was blocked from view.)

Dan giving a geography/GPS lesson to the girls. Dan's pink hat courtesy of Davy.
We want to go again on a clear, sunny day and try to spot the Temple of the Sun, which is the Incan ruins that are nearby.

This is a short post but I thought you might enjoy a a view of our area from above!


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  1. I did enjoy seeing your area, and hearing of your hike.
    thanks for taking time to post.

    Blessings to all of you!