Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Happenings

We've gotten to do several fun outings with the kids at the children's home recently.

A month or two ago, a friend of Dan's invited us to go to a retreat at Cerro Azul with the "Surfers for Christ" organization. We took along one of our summer interns and two of the boys from the children's home, John* (age 15) and Jeremy* (14). This was a weekend trip so it was fun for me to have extra time to get to know these two kids better.

 (*Names changed, of course-I don't know any Peruvians named "Jeremy").

John is gung-ho about learning to surf and took every chance he could to get out in the water. The others at the retreat were a mix of experienced surfers and newbies so there were plenty around to help him learn. Jeremy got out there once and gave it a shot, but his favorite part was definitely fishing off the dock. We got a kick out of him chatting it up with all the fishermen on the dock, trying to learn their fishing secrets and talking them into helping him. He's definitely not shy.

Jeremy posing for me with his surfboard before running off to go fishing

One day in August, Dan took all the boys to the ocean to go fishing. They took an hour long "combi" (bus) ride down south to Pucusana, where they rented a boat. The boys were so excited to be out on such a mannish adventure. Between the 10 of them they caught 23 fish! One of the youngest boys, Joey*, was the first to catch a fish and Dan said his whoops of delight were the highlight of the day. (I originally wrote "squeals of delight" but Dan informed me that men on fishing trips do not squeal.)

Joey* displaying his prize-the first catch of the day
This past Saturday, a couple of the kids helped Dan with a work project, so after he treated them with a trip to the beach at San Bartolo. Besides the girls and ourselves, we brought along John (who has been itching to surf again), Pamela*, and Bethany*. It was a cool, cloudy day in Pachacamac but after driving just a few minutes on route to the beach the clouds cleared and we were greeted by a bright, warm sun. Which was good news for the kids, who didn't have wetsuits, and for Dan, who forgot his wetsuit. (The water is really cold right now!) John and Bethany both only lasted about 15 minutes out in the cold water but it was enough time for each of them to catch a wave!

We stayed and enjoyed the sun until it set

The rest of the time we just had fun on the beach; flying a kite, watching the surfers, talking, and doing gymnastics in the sand. (I refrained from the last event...).

Me and Davy

Pamela and John (siblings) enjoying icecream on the beach

Girls playing tag on the beach with Bethany
Pretty cool job we have, eh? It definitely has its perks. 


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