Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tids and Bits

Life is really flying along lately. It really feels like I wrote that last blog yesterday but it's been almost a month. I'd like to get at least one blog in this month, but being short on time I can't put too much thought into it.  Here's some non-sensible ramblings about our life of late:

Davy is turning three in a few days! And I will no longer have a two year old. :( I love two-year-olds.

Today driving down our road I saw a big pot boiling on an outside fire, with an enormous pig head in it. All you could see was the snout sticking up out of the top of the pot. I wish I had had my camera, but alas!...

My camera is broken. This is one of the reasons I haven't blogged lately because everything I want to write about I want to take a picture to go along with and can't. I really need to get a new one but because I have to take photographs a lot for my job I'd really like to get a good one. This means I need to learn a little bit about cameras and photography first, because I know nothing. Anyone have any good recommendations for websites where I can learn photography stuff?

Along those lines, does anyone have a recommendation for a good game (table game) to play with pre-adolescent girls, ages 9-12ish? The neighbor kids really like to play games and I'd like to teach them some, but I can't think of any. I taught them how to play speed scrabble, but they were making up all kinds of Spanish words and then claiming that I just didn't know them. For example: "iya". When I asked what that meant she said, "you know, like when you're running against somebody and you're mad that they are beating you, you might say iiiiyaaa." (said in whiny voice) ????????  You should see some of the letter combos they were trying to claim as words. We need a different game--any suggestions? Board games? Card games?

We have a new dog hanging around outside our house, a stray dalmatian (yes, dalmatian!) that is scared of everything and runs inside our house any chance he gets to escape the other dogs outside who keep trying to beat him up. Today Dan scared the other dogs off so we wouldn't have a dog fight in front of the house. Oh, the look of adoration he gave Dan has a new white and black spotted BFF. Yay!

A few weeks ago Lucy told me a story that she had made up, in Spanish, and after she finished she said "Do you want me to tell it again Mom, in English, so that you can understand it?" Little punk.

My brother and his wife and my little niece are coming to visit next week!!!!!!! We are SOOOO excited. They will be our very first visitors. And this will be my first time to meet my niece!

And by the way, I did finally get my drivers license, but I celebrated much too early as I had to make three separate trips in for it. The stress was far from over when I passed my drivers test. (Think long lines, power outages and downed computer systems, computer errors, language miscommunications, and the government's crazy love for copies of documents, even though I've already given that same document to 15 other people!)

And that's all for now; gotta get to work now.  I'm working on a sponsorship project and I'm ALMOST done.  I can't wait to get it finished, then I can focus on our week-long vacation hanging out with my brother and his fam!


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