Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This morning...

I gave my drivers test another try this morning.

And after :
20 minutes of standing in line to hand in my paperwork,
5 minutes of standing in line to rent a car (I picked the good line),
40 minutes waiting for a car to be available
45 minutes of waiting lined up in the car to enter the course
10 minutes of actually taking the test, and
90 minutes of waiting for my results........

I PASSED!!!!! Finally!

I don't have my license yet because that requires going to a different office and spending a morning standing in some more lines, but at least now I have that precious little piece of paper with all the right stamps saying "APTO". Yay!

The driving test here is different, you don't have a tester drive in your car with you on real roads. You rent a car, they take your paperwork and stick magnetic numbers on your car, and then you enter the testing course. The course is like a small track, but where you encounter a stoplight, a roundabout, some potholes, a mini "hill", and then there are two places where you have to pull off and park (parallel and diagonal). The judges/scorer people are up in little towers watching you and marking down when you make a mistake. Its kind of funny though because it in NO way resembles real Peruvian traffic-everyone drives about 10 km an hour and there's only one car at at time in the roundabout. It was the parallel parking that kept getting me.

I was so nervous because after I did my parallel parking (which I thought I nailed) one of the judges started yelling something at me, but  I couldn't understand anything he said except for the word "wide". So I had 90 minutes while waiting for my results to sweat over the word "wide" and what I might have done wrong. I did not want to retake the test again--the guards there were starting to greet me out of recognition. But no more!

Just wanted to share my joy with everyone!



  1. Felicidades Katie!! Sounds like a lot of 'fun'. I though waiting 2 hours for my WA license last month was bad..

  2. LOL that's awesome! when i was a kid we went to a place called "safety city" that was kind of like that, but with bicycles. sounds funny! congrats though. :)

  3. Congrats!!!! What a victory=)

  4. Mom says "Perhaps time for a congratulatory fiesta" or is it a siesta you need after all that. Job well done.

  5. I understand and celebrate with you! I felt like I had climbed some major mountain when I heard the words "aprobado." Scott is now working on his. Throw a grand party! You deserve it!

  6. Katie, LOVE to hear about your experiences even without photos! (Though the photos add a lot, you tell a good story to get the point across!) Clickinmoms.com is a great website to learn photography tips on. Also, Kenrockwell.com has great camera recommendations or if you google "choosing a dslr" it will bring up lots of other good sites. Love from the Dominican!