Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking the kids surfing

Sometimes we get to do some pretty great stuff here. Take last Saturday for example... I have a friend named Andres who is a volunteer here in Lima at an organization called Tablistas para Cristo (Christian Surfers).  They have a ministry to kids in the city; they teach them to surf, and use the opportunity to build relationships and witness to them. Andres has access to a bunch of free surf boards through the organization and said that he would give some of our kids lessons if I would bring them down to Chorillos, on the coast. Being a sacrificial kind of guy, I reluctantly left behind the work I had to do at my house and took five of the older kids down to the beach.

In the van on the way to the beach!

For all but one of the kids, it was the first time surfing. The waves were tiny, and perfect for beginners. Everyone was able to stand up on the boards.

Some rides were more successful then others. This one ended with a collision

Before heading out into the water, we circled up to pray and thank God for the chance to enjoy His creation. The looks on the kids faces show how much they enjoyed it.
- Dan

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