Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party time

My kids might be forever ruined for the simple "have a few friends over for cake" birthday parties that I like to throw them now that they've had a taste of Peruvian birthday parties.

I told you I'd tell you about the birthday party the girls went to, so here goes.

There was music. Loud music, the kind where nobody can hear anybody else talk. The kids all danced or played in the middle of the room while the parents all sat watching in chairs around the edge. Most of the lights stayed off except for flashing colored lights and a disco ball. There was a constant stream of snacks. The hosts would carry around trays of candies, crackers, chips, popcorn, jell-o, rice pudding, etc. After we were full on snacks they brought around a full meal. The food was great but there was SO much of it. Look at that mound of rice and then potatoes on the side! (Maybe you can't tell from the picture but the rice covers the entire plate.The potatoes were boiled and had a yummy green cilantro sauce on them).  And chicken too. I thought I was going to burst.

The girls enjoyed the dancing.

After the "warm-up"dancing, out came the piñata (which was more just throwing candy on the floor for the kids to scramble after, they didn't play the hitting game with it). Then a flashy, dancing clown of sorts who brought balloons, masks and whistles, and all the kids (and adults too!) marched/danced around the room making as much noise as possible, shooting silly string, and throwing confetti. This of course was the highlight of the party. It was chaos, and lasted a good 30 minutes. Watch this little video if you can and you'll  better understand.



The march/dance was followed by the cake and birthday song, and I was lucky enough to have been given two pieces of cake to try to fit into my stomach. :)

The birthday girl surrounded by all the little party animals

It was quite the party and the girls loved it!


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