Saturday, May 19, 2012


Brrrr! Its cold! The weather is definitely changing--today was our first full day with no sun. The past couple weeks its been getting cool in the mornings and evenings but the days had been sunny and warm. But each day has gotten cloudier and cloudier.  I unpacked the girls' winter clothes a couple of days ago. It was our last unpacked suitcase and the clothes still smelled like home. I smelled each item of clothing and got really homesick. America smells so nice.

So today I am wearing socks for the first time in a good while and drinking a hot cup of tea. And Im burning an apple scented candle because its "Fall"-- its kind of wierd having fall/winter so far removed from the holiday seasons. I feel like I should be soon breaking out the hot chocolate and Christmas music, but I guess I need to save that for the end of the year. Of course by then, the sun will be coming out and Ill be wanting to break out the kiddie pool and flip flops. Season confusion.

The rain/mist/garua whatever it is hasn't started yet, but all the neighbors in the last couple of weeks have started putting up these makeshift roofs so they will have a place to dry their clothes once the "rain" starts.

As long as I'm showing roof pictures here is a photo from the top of our roof that gives you a better idea of our surroundings. This is to the left of our house.

And to the right.

Well, that's all for today as we are off to a neighborhood birthday party. Peruvians know how to do a good birthday party-I'll have to post about that next after I get some photos tonight. The girls are so excited! They know that they are about to consume large amounts of sugar. Here's a photo of them all ready to go.



  1. Your girls are so cute - what are their names and ages again?

    1. Hi Molly! Lucy is 7, Lydia is 5, and Davy will be 3 in September.