Thursday, April 12, 2012


We live in a great town. We are kind of still in Lima but on the southern outskirts in a small town called Pachacamac. Pronounced Pah-chah-cah-MAHC, we think.

We are happy to be living in Pachacamac because we are very close to the children’s home. On days Dan works there he can walk to work in 5 minutes, and come home for lunch. I can walk over to do my work stuff, and the kids can come along to play. The care center (the other site where we often work) is only a 30 minute drive from here.

The children's home

Pachacamac is much greener than other areas of Lima. It is situated in a valley where a river runs through, and so there is fertile, green farmland all through the valley. Its not exactly the Pacific Northwest, but still, its green!

One of our favorite things about Pachacamac is that it doesn’t feel like we are in big-city Lima, it feels like we are in a small farm town. But the city is only a 45 minute drive away. We like that we can go for a family walk on the road behind our house and pass horses and green fields, and can see mountains in the distance.

Family Walk

Special bonus to living in Pachacamac--the beach is only 15 minutes away! Nice beaches! Dan can go surfing in the morning before work.

There is also a river close by. We took the children from the home there to swim once this summer. It would be great to take a tube down, but we couldn't find any tubes. The water level of this river fluctuates a lot, depending on the amount of rain in the mountains. It almost completely dries up during the winter.

Lurin River
Pachacamac is known for their restaurants. It is a tourist area (there are ruins close by) and so these restaurants offer good Peruvian food and a "country" atmosphere. "Country" in that they are outside, and usually have animals wandering around or available to see and pet. They also usually have some sort of playground, a trampoline, and a pool, some with waterslides. This makes a Sunday afternoon lunch with the kids so much more enjoyable!

So, did I convince you to come visit us?


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