Friday, April 20, 2012

New Car

(This post is from February 20)

We bought a car! Here it is...

My first station wagon.

Im so happy to have it. We've been driving the Kids Alive van around and as thankful as I was to have transportion, it was massive and not easy to drive in the insane Lima traffic. This little car will be so much easier to drive.

I spent some good quality time with the Kids Alive van a few days ago. It was on Valentines Day and its been so busy that Dan and I didn't realize it was Valentines Day. By the time we remembered  I had already planned to drive into the city for a work-related errand. Dan stayed home with the kids. The area I had to go happened to be along the ocean, right in the area of town where every couple in Lima was headed for their Valentine's date. It was packed, traffic was awful, and I got lost a few times...I ended up driving for FIVE hours. Most of that was in stop and go traffic. The van is a stick shift and my short legs barely reach the pedals. I was sore the next day.

Around hour four of traffic I was starving so I pulled off at a mall to get something to eat. I was the pathetic American girl eating a Whopper all by herself on Valentine's Day in the mall food court. But that Whopper was fantastic.

That was my last time driving the van...we got the car a few days later and we love it!



  1. That is wonderful! (the new car, I mean)
    We continue in prayer for you all.
    How is the grocery gathering going?

    1. Hi Dayna! Shopping's going much better now...slowly figuring things out. Last night I was walking on our street at a later hour than normal and discovered all the neighbors out buying fresh bread from a guy on a bicycle. Found out he comes every night and honks a bicycle horn to let people know when he arrives. Always wondered what that honking was! :)