Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Back!

We've got internet! Yay! We spent a good part of yesterday emailing and contacting family; it is so good to be in touch again. Now I turn my attention to my poor, lonely blog.
Where to even begin! I'm so sad we weren't able to blog for our first few months here in Lima.  I would have loved to share with everyone what it has been like for us.

For today I thought I would just post a quick summary of what we've been up to and then Ill start posting some of those "catch-up" blogs I told you about. Don't worry, I wont post them all at the same time. I'll space them a few days apart so those of you who are subscribed won't be inundated by emails from my blog!

In short, for a while things were really, really great. Then for a while things were really, really hard. Just in the past two weeks it seems like life is starting to level out and be less...chaotic. 

When we arrived in mid-December, the first order of business was to find a place to live, and to celebrate Christmas. We stayed at the Kids Alive team apartments (for visiting mission teams) and used one of the childrens home’s vans for getting around.

We had a great Christmas. It was simple and nice. Christmas Eve we watched an impressive display of fireworks from our porch. The girls got a kitten for Christmas and named him Chachani.

We found a great house pretty much right away, and the day after Christmas started the enormous job of setting up house. I've never been as sick of shopping as I was during the week between Christmas and New Years. We didn't ship anything down here so I was starting from scratch. Ive never set up a house from scratch before and I never want to do it again. I may stay in Peru the rest of my life just so I never have to move again!

Although moving time was busy and stressful, it was the "mountaintop" part of our time here, as we were constantly being amazed by God's provision. We felt incredibly loved by God as He slowly revealed to us all of the blessings He had prepared for us here.

January was consumed by trying to make our house livable and then we slowly started easing into our jobs. (More on that later).

Around this time Jessica and Seth returned back to the States after being with us for three months to help take care of the girls while we were in language school. My heart broke as I sat in the van on the way home from the airport trying to console three sobbing little girls. That good-bye was particularly difficult for them-I think having family here with us gave them just a little more security and stability, especially during a time when Dan and I couldn’t do the greatest job at providing security for them because our lives were so crazy and upside-down too. Plus they just really like their Aunt Jessica and Uncle Seth.

February was the low-part of our adjustment. Nothing in particular happened; just a build-up of stress from adjusting to too many new things at once and not feeling like we had the energy or emotional reserves to deal well with it. The task of figuring out how to live and function in another culture can be exhausting. We had a few really long, hard weeks. (More on that later too.)

But like I said, things have improved over the past couple of weeks. We are truly enjoying our time here and believe we are just where God wants us to be. Even on the bad days we are still content to be here, and on the good days are sometimes overwhelmed by God’s blessing in bringing us here.

There's so much more to tell but I'll leave you with that for now. Can't wait to tell/show you more!



  1. It's great you have internet! Great to hear from you guys again :)

  2. You're alive! So good to hear from you. And glad to hear God is enabling you to endure thru the ups and downs. Looking forward to hearing more of the stories. With you in prayer, Toby

  3. So good to hear from remain in our prayers!