Sunday, December 11, 2011


We leave in the morning for Lima! And guess what-we cant wait!

This may sound a little strange, because Lima has been our goal all along, but I really thought I would be sad and disappointed when it came time to leave here for Lima. Why? Anytime someone here asks us where we will be living, and we tell them "Lima",they almost always respond-

"Oh, Lima. Sorry to hear that".

Or something along those lines. Lima is...huge. 10 million people. Its known as being a big, dusty city with too many people, terrible air quality, terrible traffic and terrible weather. (At least that's what everyone keeps telling us! I guess we'll see...) And we are not city people.

Besides that we've loved our time here in Arequipa. It has felt like a vacation. School four hours a day (which we really loved) and then the rest of the time to hang out as a family. The weather is always perfect and pleasant. The girls play outside with neighborhood kids all day. Dan plays soccer twice a week. Its just been fun! Why would we want to leave here?

But as we've ended our time here this week and said our goodbyes, we've found ourselves only looking forward to the move. I can't wait. I am so excited! I'm sure there will be some bad things about Lima but there will be plenty of great things too. There is beauty everywhere, even in a big city. Here are some things Im looking forward to:
  1. Summertime! Summer is just beginning here!
  2. Decorating for Christmas, Christmas cookies, Christmas-we've been holding off on christmas here since we knew we were leaving soon.
  3. Finding a place to live, setting up a new place, getting to know the area, meeting people
  4. The beach! Lima's on the ocean, so we can't to start exploring some of the area beaches. And Dan of course is starting to drool over the surf possibilities...
  5. Staying at home with the girls again-getting into a nice routine, getting to do some of the fun "mom" stuff that I've been too busy to do in the last year because of fundraising, packing, preparing, training, language learning, etc
  6. Not having a weight limit on our belongings any more :)
  7. Working for Kids Alive! Getting to know the kids and staff at the home and the center-finally doing what we've been thinking about, praying about, looking forward to and preparing for for sooo long!
I think another big reason I'm so excited is that the temporal nature of our lives is about to change. I have no idea if that sentence made sense to anyone but me. We are finally going to be living in a place where we don't always have in the back of our mind an expiration date for our time there. Since leaving the Dominican Republic three year ago our lives have been very "temporary". Even though we lived in Vancouver a little over two years, most of our time there was spent in preparation for going somewhere else. We always knew it was a temporary home.

Lima at least does not have a (known) expiration date. I have no idea how long we will be there. And I love that I don't know. We can just live, without that knowledge constantly in the back of our minds. And that makes me excited!

We fly in the morning-an easy flight of about an hour and we'll be there by noon. We don't yet have an apartment in Lima, so we'll be staying at the mission apartment while we look. Jessica and Seth will be with us through the Christmas season and they head home in January (one last goodbye to do!). We will not have internet where we are staying so I don't know how often a blog will happen until we find a permanent place. I will be able to check email on occassion but not too often-so we'll be out of touch for a little while I think. Please be praying for us as we look for a house and try to get settled in Lima! Merry Christmas to everyone!


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