Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We're Here

We made it. Technically we made it here over a week ago, but we have not had internet, and even if we had I definitely would not have taken the time to blog. We've been in survival mode. Not actual survival of course, we are safe and healthy and well taken care of, more of a mental/emotional survival, if you know what I mean.

There's too much to tell in one blog so Ill just give you the bare bones of our first week and fill you in more in the days to come.

The flight, while long and tiring, went fairly well. The girls did very well. Lucy was a good sport when she had juice spilled on her five times during a flight-once by Davy (on purpose-she was mad at Lucy), twice by Lydia climbing over the seat and kicking it on her, once by herself and once by Dan. :)

We spent our first 5 days in Lima. It was good but it was hard. Good to see with our own eyes the ministries we'll be involved with and to meet the people we'll be working with, but hard because we were very tired and it was stressful living out of our mountain of suitcases for the week. I had quite the battle with my allergies (the allergies won) so that added a lot of stress as well.

On Friday we took another flight to Arequipa for language school, and here we will stay until mid-December. We have a very nice apartment and I've never in my life been so excited to unpack after being in-transit for a month. We started classes on Monday, and the girls are enjoying their time with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Seth while we're in school. Thank the Lord for Jessica and Seth for many reasons but one being that Jessica is the only one that has remembered to take any photos. I don't have her camera with me right now though so photos will have to be for another day.

I guess thats enough for now. We are all doing well and are all healthy, and we are thanking the Lord for many blessings and the various ways that He has taken care of us. But it has been difficult, as expected, and I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed at what we've done, at the idea of this being our home now. That old roller coaster feeling again. But I know it will pass.



  1. We're always checking this, and always praying. You can do this. Let me know your address if you have one.

  2. me da gusto saber de uds! ti jessica y uncle seth estan alla tambien? estamos orando por uds!