Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Apartment

We weren't sure what to expect as far as housing while here in Arequipa, but the language institute where we attend found us an apartment that is quite nice. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of where we are currently living. The first is our apartment building-we have the second floor. A nice german family with two daughters has the floor below us. They are believers and are going to be missionaries in a smaller village in the mountains. They also go to the spanish institute.

Our building is in a gated area, and all the buildings within the area are arranged in a horseshoe, with a small grassy play area in the middle. This is a view of the grassy spot from our window. All the kids in the area will meet in the grassy area to play during the day, so its perfect for the girls. They love it. Its also really safe as the guard at the gate is careful about who he lets in, and there is little traffic inside the gate. I wish we had bikes for the girls to ride around the circle, but some of the other kids have scooters and they share.

Here's a photo of the kids all out playing, taken from our window. Its fun to watch them play, Americans, Germans, and Peruvians-none of them speaking eachothers language, but that doesn't seem to matter. They just say what they want to say in whatever language they speak, whether the other kid understands or not,  and continue on playing. Its very amusing.

This is inside our apartment.The living room/dining room and the front door. It's nice and has been well kept up. It came furnished with almost everything that we need. The floor, which you can't really see in the picture, is a really highly polished and slippery wood floor in a cool pattern. The girls have been having sliding competitions on it. Off to the side from the dining room table (to the left) is our kitchen, and then a hallway which goes back to two bathrooms (right next door to eachother, wierd) and three small bedrooms. Its a bit tight for the seven of us (Jessica and Seth are staying with us too) but it works!

Kitchen with a small laundry room behind it. Laundry has been a challenge as there is no washing machine. We tried to find a laundromat but it was super expensive, more like a dry cleaners where we had to pay per item. So we have been doing a mixture of hand washing and borrowing our neighbors washing machine down below. The problem is that there is very little room for hanging the clothes, just four short lines the size of the wall the oven is on. But it's working ok as long as we keep up with it. Clothes dry fast here.
And that's all for now! That may have been much more information than some of you were looking for, but I'm sure some of you-ie; our mothers! :-) will enjoy it seeing where we live. We like it and feel very blessed to have such a nice place!!


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  1. so good to see your report and the pictures of your apartment. 'Praying for you!! and looking forward to hearing more as you have time to let us all know how things are going. May God bless you all!