Friday, October 28, 2011

El Misti

This past weekend I had the opportunity to climb a volcano that towers over the city of Arequipa. My brother in law Seth and I joined seven other adventurers and two Arequipenan guides in a two-day hike to the peak of the 5,822 meter (19,101 ft) gigante. It was pretty epic. Here are a few pictures.

The hike begins - El Misti looming in front
We started hiking at 3400 meters (11,155 ft)

Our guides set a slow pace, but we felt they were a
bit stingy on the breaks. Seth takes a much needed
 one here

Camp at 4600 meters (15000 feet) It was
very cold here at night, and windy as well.
On the trail overlooking the city of Arequipa at about 5300 meters.
We stayed in camp until 2 AM, and then hiked through the night.
 From about this point on we really began to feel the effects of
the altitude. I had to focus on my breathing, and it felt like I just
couldn't get enough oxygen

At the crater. In a couple places you can see the smoke that was constantly rising.
Its funny, but everyone looks like an oompa loompa at the top...

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