Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lasts

Life is a little crazy here in the Anderson household, mostly inside my head as I juggle all of my different "to-do’s" and "don’t forget's" and long lists of things to buy or sell or get rid of. The emotions of this experience are mostly being ignored for the sake of functionality but do come out on occasion in random bursts that tend to be embarrassing.

Dan’s mom has been staying with us for all of this month, thank goodness. Without her we might have   survived on frozen pizzas and been wearing dirty clothes and somehow misplaced our children. J We are very thankful for her help. Dan’s brother and his wife are visiting right now too and we are so glad we get to spend some time with them before moving.
We are finding time to tuck in all of our "last's". If you've ever moved you know about this--the Last trip to the river, the Last breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, etc etc. Dan and I went on our Last camping trip last weekend (without kids I might add), and it was short and fast but really fun. On the way home we climbed Beacon Rock, which was on our long list of things we have been meaning to do.

Some sweet friends of ours threw us a goodbye party and Last game night. (Although there weren't that many game nights to begin with-we all have little kids and its difficult to play games with that many crazy little ones running around.) We had a great time and felt really special, AND they made us this cool Peruvian flag cake.

Later this week we take our Last trip to see my side of the family. :( That's going to be sad. We'll see my sister and her family and my parents are flying up as well. No brothers though, unfortunately. Mixed in with this super sad Last is a super exciting First. The First time we get to meet this cute little guy, my newest nephew Jackson, born a week and a half-ish ago. (I had to find some way to incorporate a photo of this little cutie.)

We leave in 12 days! Please be praying for us-goodbye’s are not our favorite thing!

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