Thursday, July 7, 2011

Money Money Money

We spent the Fourth of July weekend at my sister's house, with her husband and my little nephew Max. We also got to see my parents and Casey and Crystal (my brother and his wife). If my brother Tim's family had been there it would have been a full family reunion!

Right before we left Granny and Grandpa gave each of the girls $1 to spend as they wish on the way home. We stopped at the dollar store as a distraction when we were about halfway home.

We told them to choose carefully. There were so many choices and they ran around excitedly, but it wasn't nearly as hard for them to decide as it would have been for me. Davy got some Tootsie Pops and both Lucy and Lydia chose a plastic purse filled with a candy-necklace making kit.

We drove home on the evening of the Fourth, so we got home just as everyone started setting off fireworks. We have an impressive display just in our neighborhood. With the noise, putting the kids to bed was not an option, so we got out a blanket to lay out and watch the show.

The fireworks were fantastic and we had a great time oooing and ahhhing over each colorful explosion. I love the Fourth of July but it was so hard not to think about how much money was being blown up above our heads! It seemed like such a waste.

 But then I realized that there are probably plenty of things that I buy that others would think are a waste of money. It is a constant battle to honor God with our money and to choose carefully.

We've been thinking about that a lot lately as we consider what our lifestyle in Peru will look like. We will be working with the poor--we don't want to live way above them; it seems like that would put a wall between us. I don't want to have people over and be embarrassed about the nice things in my house when I know they have nothing. And I don't want them to come to my house and feel poor. Or unequal. On the other hand, seeing as many we will work with live in extreme poverty, it's not realistic to live just like them either. I think it will be something we need to work through, and will need a lot of prayer and guidance as we seek to find a good balance. There's something else you can be praying for us about!


P.S. Speaking of money-we reached 100% in our start-up costs fund! Now we just need 35% more in monthly pledges and we'll be on our way!

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