Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jesus Loves Me, This I Nose

We transitioned Davy into a big girl bed last week, and moved her into Lucy and Lydia's bedroom. (They will all need to share a room in the coming months so we figured we may as well get them used to it now.) Three giggling girls all in one room. Davy loves it. The other night I was singing some bedtime songs, and Davy sang along to amuse her sisters. Davy's version of bedtime songs:

"Jesus loves me, this I nose..." (points to her nose)

"Bless the Lord! O my nose! (points to her nose)

I'm not sure if she was being funny or if she thinks those are actually the words, but it got a laugh from her big sisters.

Continuing to sit at 65% in our monthlies--we do have a few other verbal pledges that just haven't been sent in yet, so we are a bit higher than that, but we do seem to be a little stuck here. So far, 30%, 55% and 65% have been our "stuck" points. We are trusting God to unstick us. :) Dan put in his two-week notice yesterday at his job! We are so excited! And strangely, not nervous at all about it. We are looking forward to having Dan around all the time and having more time for partnership development. We are registered for our training in September, so the ball is rolling and its starting to feel very real! Peru or bust!!!  :)


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