Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Chair of Foolishness

I love the process of cleaning out our house and getting rid of all our stuff. There is one item in particular that I can't wait to get rid of.
The Chair of Foolishness


My senior year of college I did a semester abroad in Costa Rica. Our study group spent two weeks in Nicaragua. I loved Nicaragua, and for some reason I loved their rocking chairs. It seemed like there were rocking chairs everywhere and I spent hours rocking and talking with friends. On our last day, right before boarding our bus back to Costa Rica, my friend Holly and I passed by a small handmade furniture store that was selling rocking chairs. I don't know what we were thinking, but we each bought one. I think I had romantic dreams of someday rocking my future babies in my Nicaraguan rocking chair. They gave us each a boxed, unassembled chair and we headed back to the bus. We knew within three minutes that we had made a huge mistake. Those things were HEAVY. We struggled to carry the chairs 2 or 3 blocks back to our bus, arriving there huffing, puffing, and covered in sweat, at which point all of our classmates got a good laugh at our dumb purchase.

From there it just got worse. We hauled those chairs back to Costa Rica, and had to put them on public transportation to get them to our host homes. When we left Costa Rica we had to find suitable packaging to put them on the airplane. Then again, via public transport, get them to the airport, where we flew to Guatemala. We dragged them with us everywhere in our two weeks in Guatemala. Then onto the airplane again, back to college in Greenville. I was excited to finally have it home and set it up. But when I put it together, I found that the shop I had bought it from (probably recognizing us as the silly tourists that we were) had given me a dud--it was poorly made and the pieces didn't fit together well. I used it anyway.

Four months later, I graduated college and had to figure out a way to get the chair from Greenville back to Washington. When I finally got it back to my parents house, I stuck it in their shed, and was happy to forget about it for the next 9 years.

Two babies later, (neither of whom I rocked in my Nicaraguan rocking chair), we moved back to Washington and I went to my parents house to gather up all our junk that we had left behind at their house when we moved overseas. There was the chair. I was pregnant again, so I was kind of happy to see it and figured I would finally be able to put it to the use I had originally hoped for.

Nope. Ive had it in my house for the last 2 1/2 years, but it rarely gets used. That's because when you rock in it, it slowly comes loose and then falls apart while you're sitting in it. I've had a couple of guests fall to the ground as the chair collapsed on them. Not good. So now I just tell people not to sit in it. And they always wonder why I have a chair in my living room that you can't sit in. I don't know. Why do I have a chair in my living room that we can't sit on?

I guess it was too hard to get rid of because there was so much pain involved in that dumb chair. But now that I'm clearing out our possessions anyway, I just realized I can finally get rid of that dumb chair! The symbol of my youthful foolishness. Im going to put it on Craigslist today! (For free! Anyone want an exotic Nicaraguan rocking chair?)


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    WAIT, !!!!, i HAVE two, ONE IS A MINI SIZE FOR THE KIDS. SILLY ROCKING CHAIRS, but that is what memories are made of. happy travels my friends.