Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prayers Answered

I know its been a while since I posted but sometimes I just can't think of anything to write! I have no idea how so many people are daily bloggers. They are very inspired people I guess.

Last week we sent out an update asking for prayer for our decision as to the timing of Dan leaving his job, our training, and our departure for Peru. We will be sending an update soon (just waiting to solidify a few things first) but I have to say that asking for prayer was a very cool experience for us.  We had been worrying about this decision for weeks, flip-flopping daily on what we thought we should do, but not feeling any real direction on the subject. Then on the very day we asked for prayer, it was like the foggy fog was lifted. (Sorry, Lydia is watching Dora the Explorer as I type this, so "foggy fog" was the only term that I could think of!) And the decision became pretty easy to make. Dan did not put in his two weeks notice, and while we thought we would feel disappointed by it, we are actually excited about it as our new plan is better in a lot of ways.

I think we were so focused on making it by August, that we didn't think through what it would mean to not go to the training in North Carolina. As it turns out, by not going, it means more time to enjoy the summer here, less stress and pressure, more time for Dan to work (money going IN rather than OUT)more time for partnership development, AND we won't leave for Peru much later than what we had previously planned. And as a bonus, I'll get to be around when my sister has her baby!

Lesson learned (or at least in the process of learning)-next time when we have a need we will send out a request for prayer much sooner! God has given us a whole bunch of people as partners in this ministry, so we need to treat you as such and include you in what is going on. :) We were so encouraged by all the thoughtful responses we got from everyone. People really are praying for us!


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