Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach Day!

This Saturday, the girls and I, along with Aunt Hannah, headed out for a girls day at the beach while Dan pursued other adventures. This was the Oregon coast so there was no swimming (just a little ankle wading), but we had fun playing in the sand, taking funny pictures, building sand castles, exploring tide pools, visiting a candy store, and eating pizza. Well, Hannah and I enjoyed exploring the tide pools. All three of the girls were creeped out by the possibility of seeing sea creatures and were too cold wading around in the water. But we got to see some cool giant green anemones, crabs, starfish, and an eagle attacking a puffin.

Making "sand salad"

We love aunt hannah!

Ok, the next set of pictures is for Aunt Jessica. We wanted to take some photos like your famous beach shots. We decided to jump into a hole. As you can see it wasn't that deep but we managed to make it exciting.

Preparing to launch...

Woo hoo!!!

Taking the excitement up a notch...a foot high log.

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