Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayer Requests

I've been trying to faithfully update my blog every Monday, but last Monday I missed because I was visiting my parents in Sacramento, and this Monday life just got a little out of control with sickness and an enormous to-do list.

We have a few prayer requests to share with you.

1. Time is rapidly passing and we are getting down to the last few months before our goal of a September departure. Everything is very uncertain since everything depends on our funding. We would love if Dan could leave his job at the beginning of July to focus on fundraising and have a full month to pack and make all our preparations. At the very latest we'd like for him to be able to have the last two weeks of July for packing up the house. The problem is that we can't leave for Peru until we are 100% funded. So we have to be pretty confident that we will be fully funded  for him to quit his work or we will have no income to live on. (Our monthly support from Kids Alive can't begin until we are on the field.) To add to it, to go to our August training, Dan has to quit his job, since it is a month long training and he couldn't just take that time off and return to his job. So if we are not close to 100%, we shouldn't go to the August training. The next training does not happen until January so it would significantly postpone our departure date. (Confusing, I know.)

So a few nights ago we sat down and worked out some personal deadlines, and some new goals to work toward.  In order for us to feel close enough for Dan to quit work for the full month of July, we have decided we need to be at 75% by June 17. (Enough time to give 2 weeks notice to his job.) To go to the August traning, we want to be to 75% by July 1. If we have not reached that goal then our plan is to stay here in Vancouver, and Dan will continue working until we are fully funded.

We've always felt pretty confident that September was the right time to go, but realize that God could have different plans, and that's ok with us. But we still have our eyes on September and are praying that God will provide for us by then.

2. We know this transition is going to be difficult on our girls. We can already see some signs of insecurity as we are busier than usual, starting to get rid of some of our belongings, and talking more about our move. There will be a lot of transistions and changes for them. Life will be quite unstable for them as it will be several months before we are settled in our permanent home in Lima-first we will do our missionary training, then some traveling and visiting, then a couple of months of language training. There isn't any way to avoid all this craziness, so instead we are asking God to show us ways to provide stability for the girls during an unstable time.

We know that there are many people out there praying for us (thank you!), so when we come to mind we would appreciate if you could lift up these issues to God on our behalf.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! So good to know I'm not the only one who breaks down sad with tears over sad but not crisis things...miss you. Hope we can see you sometime soon.