Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In-Flight Entertainment

I forgot to tell you about our trip to Sacramento. The girls and I flew down to Sacramento last week to spend some good time with Granny and Grandpa. I was pretty nervous about flying by myself with all three girls, but it was a short flight and on the way down they did fabulously. They've always been good fliers, and I usually get some sort of comment from somebody after a flight about how well the girls did that makes me glow with pride. (Pride cometh before the fall).

We had lots of fun with Granny and Grandpa. My favorite part was that they got to see the real Davy in all her glory. Davy's pretty shy and takes a while to warm up to people, and other times when they have seen her its been when she was either in a big mommy phase, sick, or during a big family get together when there were too many people and she felt overwhelmed. So they've never really seen Davy as herself. But this time she warmed up to them right away. We had warm sunny days and went to Fairytale Land, the park, and spent part of almost every day at the pool.

It was fun, the only downer was that Lydia came down with a cold virus that made her pretty miserable for a day or two, and by the time we left it started to spread to all of us. So when we got on our return flight I had three girls who were all a bit sick and pretty tired. (Here comes the fall.)

It all started fine. There was a little squabbling over the window seat, but easily settled (Lydia won)since Lucy had her turn on the way down. Davy was playing nicely sitting snuggled up to Lucy and playing with her seat belt. Then it came time for takeoff. I had to put Davy on my lap. She didn't want to sit on my lap. She had to sit on my lap, the flight attendant was waiting and watching. So I made her. So she screamed. And kicked. And fought. And I had to use all of my muscles to hold her on my lap while she threw an ENORMOUS fit. I'm pretty sure there was frothing at the mouth. It was HOT on the plane, I was sweating up a storm. Then I hear a scream. Lydia had her finger caught in the plastic window shade. She can't get it out and is screaming and crying, but I can't reach her from where I'm sitting while wearing my seat belt, and besides that I'm kind of in the middle of a wrestling match with an almost two-year old. A kind lady sitting behind her helps her to get it out and she starts to settle down but Davy continues on. The flight attendant comes over and does her best to distract Davy with silly voices and the Emergency Info pamphlet. I tried to be nice and give her a little appreciative smile but it was hard while trying to protect my face from the blows of Davy's kicking feet. Soon after I hear Lucy start to whimper. "Mommy, my tummy hurts. I feel sick. I think I'm going to throw up." (Yes. This is a true story. All during the takeoff.) I shoved the puke bag in her face and hoped for the best.  (She felt better when the flight attendant brought her 7-Up.) What else...Davy did settle down for a little bit only to erupt into another screaming fit when she got the crazy idea in her head that Daddy was sitting in the row across from us and was mad that I wouldn't let her go over there. The poor person sitting in the aisle next to us had to listen to Davy (after the fit) sitting in a pathetic heap at my feet, pointing at her and pitifully chanting "Da-da, Da-da". At one point the lady asked me what Davy wanted, and I had to tell her, "She thinks her Daddy is sitting next to you." I thought that would go over better than "She thinks you're her daddy." Then on the landing, Lucy's ears started to hurt really bad (so did mine because we were both congested) and she spent 20 minutes crying and saying over and over "I wanna get down, I wanna get down, I wanna get down...".

It took me 3 days to recover from that flight. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing. When we got off the plane, we were walking up that tunnel thingy and Lydia says, "Mommy! There's my friend Linda. (The kind lady who was sitting behind her.) She ran over to her and held her hand as we walked up to the gate. Apparently Lydia had spent the entire flight chatting with her new friend. I had no idea!!! Thanks Linda for entertaining my daughter for a solid hour and a half. (I hope you wanted to chat with her the whole time...)


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