Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, I never re-wrote that post that got erased. I refused to even look at my blog for a few days and then kind of forgot what I had written.

Lucy is sitting next to me right now, trying to get up the nerve to pull out her extremely loose tooth. Its been hanging by a thread for days but she's nervous about pulling it out. (Her first loose tooth.) When she finally gets it out Ill post a picture, but her new teeth are already halfway in so I fear there won't be much of a cute space to photograph.

Last night I had my first moment of panic. I was laying in bed, quite relaxed, trying to go to sleep when I started thinking about Peru and realized that we have just over three months until everything begins and life becomes very different. Suddenly my heart started beating hard and my breathing got quicker. Three months!  Only three months to pack and prepare and get ready (too big-don't want to do it!); three months to raise all our support (that feels impossible God!); three months to enjoy our life and friends here (but I like it here!).

Isn't there another month in there between April and May? How did we get so close to the summer already? Of course part of me is anxious and excited to get down there, but I'm not quite ready to leave either. I can't believe our time in the States is almost over. Its been so fun. Maybe in my next post Ill write about all the things I love about America. I loved living in the Dominican Republic and I hope Ill love living in Peru, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in America.

As for the support raising, we just have to keep giving it to God, giving it to God, giving it to God, or it gets a little scary. And the packing; I'm in denial about the packing.

We aren't actually leaving for Peru in three months. But we will be moving out of our house and going to training in North Carolina the first week of August, and from there we will be traveling and such until we leave for Peru (hopefully) sometime in September. So it all begins very soon!


  1. You can do it Katie! Put "eye of the tiger" on your play list and power through :) That's what I do.

    PS - How was Lucy's Bday? Didn't hear anything about it....

  2. Thanks :) Lucy's birthday was great, she had a little party with 2 friends that was great. They came over to play and eat, then we went to one of those inflatable bounce places. They had a blast. On her actual birthday we celebrated with pizza and Tangled and aunt hannah came over. I meant to have her write back to your Facebook post but forgot to. (sorry) I did read it to her though and she liked it, and wanted to tell you her horse was named Bella. Hmmm, long comment, guess I should have written you an email instead!

  3. So Mad and Panic!...what's your next post going to be titled??? How about Furious Fervor or Impossible Possibilities or...
    Love you..enjoy the sunshine and this Holy weekend!

  4. Haha, thats funny. I guess it has been a little dramatic! I'm filing Furious Fervor away in my brain to use later!:)