Monday, April 25, 2011

Halfway Point, Exploding Eggs, and the Tricky Bunny

We've reached 50% in our monthly goal! Feels like we're on the downside of the hill now so we are excited, even though we know the second half will probably be more difficult than the first. Thank you to everyone who has helped us in getting to the halfway point, and for the encouragement and prayers.

As a thank you gift to all of you, here's a helpful tip:
Don't put hard boiled eggs in the microwave.

Apparently this is a well-known fact, but it wasn't well-known by myself until this morning when I went to warm up a leftover egg from Easter (peeled) and it exploded like a gun shot as I bit into it. Burned my mouth, lips, and the side of my face pretty good as the steam (which I guess builds up in the yolk space) shot out. Ouch (to put it quite mildly.) What was supposed to be a productive morning instead turned into me sitting on the couch watching Regis and Kelly with a piece of ice in my mouth and  a cold compress on my face.

For Easter this year, we didn't do any egg hunts, or Easter baskets. But about a month ago Lucy came up with the idea that she wanted to make a trap to catch the Easter bunny. We thought it was kind of cute and funny so we went along with it. Here's a picture of Dan and the girls constructing the trap.

The girls painted and glittered up an old shoe box, and then the plan was to prop the box up with a stick, and place bait under the box. Then, when the bunny comes in for the bait, he (or she?? we couldn't decide) will knock the stick and be trapped. Saturday night the girls placed their bait--some baby carrots and a dyed Easter egg. My favorite part was that while setting the trap, the girls conscious' were a little bothered-Lucy was concerned that if they caught the Easter bunny other children would not get any candy. Lydia was afraid the Easter bunny's mom would get worried about him if he didn't come home. They decided they would let him go right away if they caught him. They were excited and just a tad bit scared (does anyone even know how big the Easter bunny is?) when they went to bed. In the morning, they ran out to check their trap. The trap had been sprung, but this is what they found when they very carefully and fearfully lifted the top.

No bunny, but he/she had made a nest and laid some eggs. And left a note. The note said:

To: Lucy & Lydia
Nice try girls! But a carrot--really?!? Did you think I was that dumb!? Here. Have some candy.
Love, the Easter Bunny

Outsmarted by the Easter Bunny. He is quite tricky.


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  1. Bahaha, that's hilarious (about the Easter Bunny).

    Sorry about your burn. We were just talking about microwaving eggs this weekend! I did that once, not with a hard boiled but just with one I cracked into a bowl. When I put the fork on the yolk to see if it was still runny it made a "bang!" and blew up all over my shirt. Smelled like popcorn.

    Well, now we know...