Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing Chocolates

A little bit ago I walked into the room and saw my box of chocolates Dan gave me for Valentines Day, sitting on my desk, open. Hmm, that's strange. There seemed to be a few missing as well.

Notice the two little chocolatey hand prints to the right of the box.

Then I run into this little face.



Its' been a little while since I last posted-we've been really busy! Besides the training which has taken up most of our free time, we've had a lot of sickness. You've probably had the same virus because it seems to be making its way around quickly! The girls and I are better now but poor Dan is still fighting it off, its been a few weeks now. Please pray for him to get better because its really sapping his energy and making this busy time difficult for him. Plus its just no fun to be sick.

In other news, Lydia got her ears pierced. She looks so cute. Here she is sitting in the "piercing chair" after she was done.

Lucy got hers done too, as you can see above, but when they pierced them they accidentally put one of them in crooked. The lady took out the crooked earring and wanted to re-do it right away, but for some reason Lucy wasn't up for having her shoot her in the ear a second time. Poor girl. She ended up just taking the other earring out too. She wasn't too disappointed though, mostly relieved to not have to go through that torture a second time.

Not too much else going on around here. So I'll just leave you with a couple cute pictures.



  1. Katie: what were you thinking leaving a box of chocolates down low? OR, did she scale to the top of a shelf to get them? Either way, it's a good story and the guilty picture is priceless! I'm going to show Allie the pics of Lydia and Lucy getting their ears pierced, but will probably not scroll down to the bit about Lucy's venture. Allie desperately wants to get her ears pierced, but has a serious prob with the pain involved. She'll prob never get them pierced, though it does bother her that she is the only one in her class without earrings - you know how it goes here :)

  2. Loved this. Thank-you. I laughed so hard at Davy's picture. :)

  3. Rachel-the details are hazy but I would put money on her having an accomplice...though thats been denied by the three year old suspect in question.
    C-I crack up every time I see it. My favorite part is all the chocolatey slobber running down the front of her shirt!!