Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day of Class

If you received our update, then you know that we are taking a three-week training course to prepare us for the partner-developing phase of ministry. (If you didn't receive our update, that means we probably don't have your email address! You can sign up to the right if you want to hear from us.) Last night was our first day of class. This is an online course, done via online interactive video conferencing, so we are able to take the course in our home.

So the class begins at 4:30. At 4:00 we started getting ready, set up a desk with the computer in our room, checked the connection speed. At 4:28 we are sitting with our little headphones on, ready to enter the conference room, when Dan looks at me and says, "You remembered to pay for the course, right?".

Panic. Nope, I forgot to. My to-do list let me down again. Guess those only work if you look at them.

Being that the course had to be paid for before we were allowed to begin, we swiftly navigated the Internet, paid with our credit card, returned to the conference room and logged in at 4:31. Pretty good, I'd say. (love technology!) Still, one minute late and last one to log in on our first day of class. So very Katie. :)

Even though the class is at home we have to have someone come watch the girls so we can concentrate. We found the best babysitter ever! Her name is Gaby and she goes to our church and we are in the same Bible study. She is so sweet and the girls love her. Even Davy, who is super mommy-clingy, did great with her. I'm so relieved. I was worried Davy would be standing outside our bedroom door banging and crying the whole time. Gaby is from Ecuador and speaks Spanish (and English) and so the girls might learn some Spanish from her which would be an awesome bonus!

So all in all I'd say Day 1 was a success. I'm excited about the training and think its really going to help us. Thank you for praying for us!


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  1. Katie: I am loving your blog - loving hearing about what the path to peru looks like, loving see the girls all grown up and cuter than ever, loving watching from afar what the Lord is doing, loving feeling like I know you just a little better! Praying for you on the path!