Sunday, January 2, 2011


I figured out how to place a thermometer on the blog! You should see them to the right. So now you can follow along and see how much we've raised and how much further we have to go. With the holidays we have not yet heard from Kids Alive to know if we've received any donations as of yet. So I can't update the thermometers. Maybe tomorrow.

This coming weekend we are speaking in our church to tell everyone about our plans. Please pray for us this week, that we'll do a good job with the presentation, and that alot of people in our church will get excited about what they can do to help. Dan and I are novices in this support raising adventure, and this will be our first presentation to a large group. Personally Im having a difficult time figuring out how we can help our church to really feel connected with what we will be doing in Peru...Im not sure how to say what I mean. You know how when you actually see a problem with your own eyes, and witness the actual suffering of another you feel much more urgent about wanting to help then if you just hear about a problem. When just hearing about it you have no personal connection. But I don't know how to provide a personal connection for people, other than to fly the church body down to Peru to see for themselves. Please pray that God will provide that connection for the people in our church body. Also, next Monday the mission board of another church is meeting to decide whether or not they are able to support us financially. We'd appreciate it if you could be in prayer about that as well.

Thank you for praying for us! I am realizing the importance of prayer a little more each day.



  1. Hey Katie,

    Thanks for the update and your thoughts. I am praying for you all with all of the above mentioned requests. my blog seems pretty dumb now, I like your blog much better than mine;)