Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Friends for Lucy and a Day at the Park

Recently, as we've been talking about Peru alot more often, Lucy has not been too excited about the idea. Its completely understandable--she doesn't want to leave her friends at school and at church, her aunts and uncles, her house and her room, and she just keeps saying that she likes it here. One of the reasons we chose now to go overseas is that we want to go while the girls are young, when it will be much easier for them to adjust and to learn the language. But Lucy is old enough to realize how sad it will be to move from here. Lydia has caught on to Lucy's feelings and she now is saying she doesn't want to go to Peru either. (Although her understanding of what "Peru" is isnt quite there--I think she things its a store or restaurant or something because she often thinks we are going there tomorrow. )

Anyway, today I came across this little video of some of the kids in the childrens home in Lima where we will be working. I showed it to the girls and they wanted to watch it over and over. Lucy said she thought she might want to be friends with those girls, that they didnt seem much different than us. Lydia wants to meet them too.  :)  :)   :)  Thank you Lord for the video!

On another note, we've had some beautiful weather here the past couple of days. Cold, but clear, dry and mostly sunny (a little rare here.) Tomorrow its supposed to start raining again, so after we dropped Lucy off at the bus, the younger girls and I decided to take advantage of the weather and head to the park. They were giddy with excitement.

She loved climbing through that tunnel thing.

Lydia was the mom driving, and Davy was her baby in the car seat next to her. (Poor Davy always has to play the baby.)

 I love this one. Davy tried so hard to climb up that slide.

 Lydia decided she wanted to jump off this rock and insisted she do it all by herself. (Its quite high though you can't tell in the photo.) She was so nervous she couldn't stop giggling!

 She kept trying to stall. " I'll jump on 3. No, I count. No, you count. No, you need to stand over there. Wait, I'll say "go" first, then count to three. No, you say go. Wait, start over..."
And more nervous giggling. She did eventually jump, but I had to turn off my camera first. (It was part of a stall.)

We had a fun day today. I hope the weathermen are wrong about the rain tomorrow!


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