Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elephants on the Roof

I've told this story already to some of you, but now that I have a blog, I can proclaim Lydia's cuteness to the world!!!

A few mornings ago I woke up early (shocker, I know) and was out enjoying the quiet in my chair with a cup of coffee. I heard the pitter-patter of little feet and looked up to see Lydia walking into the room.

"There's an elephant in my room."
She climbs up onto my lap and tells me again.
"There's an elephant in my room."

I could tell she was still half asleep and coming out of a dream (apparently about an elephant), so I just rocked her a bit and asked her some questions about the elephant. I could tell she was still a little scared so I wanted to help her understand it was a dream.  So I started asking her questions and she had an answer for everything.

Me: Elephants are really big, sweetie. How did the elephant fit in your room?
Lydi: This one wasn't that big. Only about this big. (Shows me with her hands how big.)

Me: Well, how did that elephant get into your room? All the doors are locked, it couldn't have gotten in.
Lydi: It got on the roof and jumped and made a hole in the roof and came in.

Me: Where's the hole? I don't see a hole.
Lydi: Walks over and shows me the skylight in our front entryway.

Me: But where is the elephant now?
Lydi: Its gone, a mouse pushed it out of my room.

Me: I think it was just a dream Lydia.
Lydi: It wasn't a dream mom. It was real.


Night Skiing!

This weekend Dan and I got to go night skiing/snowboarding at Mt. Hood! Soooooo much fun! This was our second time going this season-we went  in December for the first time in almost 10 years (well, for me anyway). There weren't many snowy mountains in the Dominican Republic. There were opportunities to go skiing when we came home for vacation, but I was always either pregnant or had a baby too young to leave for a day. And the last two winters while living here, I had the same problem. But with Davy pretty much a toddler now we are free to hit the slopes again! So exciting!

My first time down my I was a little wobbly and unsure, but by run #2 I felt like I was 16 again. :) (I did not however, feel like I was 16 by the end of the night...). 

This weekend we took Seth and Jessica with us (Dan's sister and her husband). Neither of them really knew how to ski but we were pretty impressed with how quickly they picked it up. Naturals. The main problem really was that Jessica was a tad bit embarassing--she kept getting so excited with the thrill of speeding down the hill that she'd start shreiking, screaming, and giggling...VERY loudly. I wish I had a sound clip to play for you. Dan and I were at the bottom of the hill once waiting at the chairlift and she was quite a ways up the run still and we could hear her quite clearly. It was funny and makes me chuckle thinking about it now. Here's a few pictures; none of them are great as I was taking them with my phone-hand was freezing and I was scared I would drop the phone in the snow.

The girls stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa (thanks Gma& Gpa!) and had a fabulous time eating corndogs, macaroni and cheese, and watching Toy Story. A little piece of heaven.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Support Update

Good day all,

You may have noticed I changed the name of our blog...I thought "Andersons in Peru" was a little boring but I couldn't think of anything else and didn't want to use a boring name as an excuse to put off the blog any longer. My friend Amy gave me the idea for the name and I love it--Thanks Amy! I love it because it is a good description of life right now. Some days the path is flat and lovely, and then other days I feel like we need a machete to hack our way through the jungle growing over our path.  (Today has been one of those machete days...).

We got our first report today on donations that have been made.I updated our cool thermometer do-dads. We are officially at 5% for our monthly costs and 25% in one-time costs! Woohoo! Thank you so much to those who have donated.

And speaking of thanks, thanks to those that have subscribed to our blog-it makes it so much easier to post knowing that actual people are reading it and not just some phantom world wide web person who may or may not exist. :)

Well I guess thats all Ive got for today folks!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone,
Today is a cold, wet, dreary day...Lucy has no school today so I'm trying to think of something fun to do. We might take them swimming at the Y after Dan gets home from work. Right now the girls are just having fun playing, they have great imaginations. Ive had the last 2 hours free as they've all three been off playing together-I love it.

FYI the link to support us on the Kids Alive website is now fixed so you are now able to donate to us online. (Though its only capable of one-time donations, monthly donations have to be sent or called in.) Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page to see our picture and biography on the Kids Alive website. It makes me feel a little bit famous to be pictured on a web page. :)

Also, If you look in the side bar to the right you will notice I added an option to "subscribe" to our blog. This means that if you enter your email address, you will be notified by email each time we update the blog. This way you don't have to keep checking back to see if we've added anything. (As I'm sure you are all anxiously checking several times a day, right? :) )

We had our presentation at church this weekend and we felt like it went really well. We presented at three services (Saturday night, 9am, 11 am) and then went back Sunday night for the church business meeting. I have new found empathy for the pastors and worship team people. I felt like I was living at the church this weekend! But it was good; presentation went smoothly and we got to meet and talk with a lot of really neat people. We've only been going to this church for a year and a half, and its a decent size so there are still many people whom we don't know. So it was a good way to introduce the church body to who we are and what we want to do, and hopefully over the next few months we can get to know people better and build up a support group.

I was really stressed out all last week leading up to the presentation, feeling like we had to have the perfect presentation; like it was our one chance to get our church behind us on this adventure. I think we started over three times, as i kept feeling like it just wasn't quite right. Losing sleep, etc. On Friday when I was praying about it I finally realized that I was putting way too much pressure on myself and that God didn't expect us to have it perfect--that it isn't our responsibility to "convince" the church to support us (financially or otherwise). This was a huge relief as convincing people to do anything has never been a strong point for me! (Can you imagine me as a salesperson? I'd be the salesperson who talked people out of buying my product for fear of selling them something that don't really want.) Anyway, once I realized that, I was able to relax and just focus on telling them what we thought were the most important things we wanted them to know, and rest in knowing that it is God's job to move people's hearts to support us, and the peoples job to respond if that is what God asks them to do. Pressure off. Such a relief to leave these things in the hands of God.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my day and my girls. Hope you enjoy your day too!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Friends for Lucy and a Day at the Park

Recently, as we've been talking about Peru alot more often, Lucy has not been too excited about the idea. Its completely understandable--she doesn't want to leave her friends at school and at church, her aunts and uncles, her house and her room, and she just keeps saying that she likes it here. One of the reasons we chose now to go overseas is that we want to go while the girls are young, when it will be much easier for them to adjust and to learn the language. But Lucy is old enough to realize how sad it will be to move from here. Lydia has caught on to Lucy's feelings and she now is saying she doesn't want to go to Peru either. (Although her understanding of what "Peru" is isnt quite there--I think she things its a store or restaurant or something because she often thinks we are going there tomorrow. )

Anyway, today I came across this little video of some of the kids in the childrens home in Lima where we will be working. I showed it to the girls and they wanted to watch it over and over. Lucy said she thought she might want to be friends with those girls, that they didnt seem much different than us. Lydia wants to meet them too.  :)  :)   :)  Thank you Lord for the video!

On another note, we've had some beautiful weather here the past couple of days. Cold, but clear, dry and mostly sunny (a little rare here.) Tomorrow its supposed to start raining again, so after we dropped Lucy off at the bus, the younger girls and I decided to take advantage of the weather and head to the park. They were giddy with excitement.

She loved climbing through that tunnel thing.

Lydia was the mom driving, and Davy was her baby in the car seat next to her. (Poor Davy always has to play the baby.)

 I love this one. Davy tried so hard to climb up that slide.

 Lydia decided she wanted to jump off this rock and insisted she do it all by herself. (Its quite high though you can't tell in the photo.) She was so nervous she couldn't stop giggling!

 She kept trying to stall. " I'll jump on 3. No, I count. No, you count. No, you need to stand over there. Wait, I'll say "go" first, then count to three. No, you say go. Wait, start over..."
And more nervous giggling. She did eventually jump, but I had to turn off my camera first. (It was part of a stall.)

We had a fun day today. I hope the weathermen are wrong about the rain tomorrow!


Sunday, January 2, 2011


I figured out how to place a thermometer on the blog! You should see them to the right. So now you can follow along and see how much we've raised and how much further we have to go. With the holidays we have not yet heard from Kids Alive to know if we've received any donations as of yet. So I can't update the thermometers. Maybe tomorrow.

This coming weekend we are speaking in our church to tell everyone about our plans. Please pray for us this week, that we'll do a good job with the presentation, and that alot of people in our church will get excited about what they can do to help. Dan and I are novices in this support raising adventure, and this will be our first presentation to a large group. Personally Im having a difficult time figuring out how we can help our church to really feel connected with what we will be doing in Peru...Im not sure how to say what I mean. You know how when you actually see a problem with your own eyes, and witness the actual suffering of another you feel much more urgent about wanting to help then if you just hear about a problem. When just hearing about it you have no personal connection. But I don't know how to provide a personal connection for people, other than to fly the church body down to Peru to see for themselves. Please pray that God will provide that connection for the people in our church body. Also, next Monday the mission board of another church is meeting to decide whether or not they are able to support us financially. We'd appreciate it if you could be in prayer about that as well.

Thank you for praying for us! I am realizing the importance of prayer a little more each day.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Video of Kids Alive in Peru

Hola Ya'll,

The following is a video highlighting the Kids Alive International programs that we will be serving with in Peru. We can't help getting pretty excited when we watch it, and hopefully it gives you a good feel for what Kids Alive is all about.