Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pajama Day

Lucys in kindergarten this year and Friday was their last day of school before Christmas break. Her school has a tradition of everyone wearing their pj's to school on that day, so Lucy picked her monkey footie pajamas to wear. Of course there was no way Lydia was going to wear regular clothes if Lucy got to wear pj's, and then I didn't want Davy to feel left out. (It had nothing at all to do with me taking the opportunity to be lazy, I promise!!) So we walked to the bus stop with everyone in their footie pj's. (I wore regular clothes, don't worry.) They looked pretty cute in my opinion. Plus they all three held hands the whole way which just adds to the cuteness. I love having three girls!
As I put Lucy on the bus I had a brief moment of panic when I didn't see any other kids in pajamas. I had one of those "Oh, no what if I got the date wrong and Lucy is the wierd little kid wearing pajamas to school!" moments. But then common sense kicked in as I realized it was only because all I could see of the other kids is the top half of their little heads peeking through the bus windows. (Kindergarteners are short.) Whew.

We are all looking forward to Christmas break and having Lucy around all the time. It's extra exciting this year because Dan's parents as well as his brother and sister-in-law are coming for Christmas too so the whole Anderson family will be together for Christmas. Plus Christmas with kids this age is really, really fun!

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