Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey everyone! Welcome to our very first blog. I really don't know much about blogging and spent way too much of this day trying to figure it out. Then I spent about 5 minutes just sitting and thinking about what to title this post...before deciding on "Hi!". Hmmmm...not particularly creative. Oh well!

We have been living in Washington state almost two years now! Our favorite thing about living here has been experiencing the seasons again. Fall leaves, pumpkin patches, the holiday season, spring flowers, the excitement of summer on its way-its been great. Our least favorite thing has been experiencing seasons again. (Three of the four seasons are COLD!) We feel very settled and comfortable here, God has blessed us amazingly and has been very gracious, and, well its just been good!

Nevertheless we do believe God is beginning us on a new adventure that we are excited to tell you about! We were accepted to Kids Alive International about a month ago and are going to Peru! Right now we are beginning our support raising and will use this blog to keep you up-to-date on our status. Im hoping to put some sort of fundraising thermometer type thingy on here that will show how much we've raised and how much we have left to go. Right now we are at (drumroll please) ...0%. I told you we just started! We will tell you more about Kids Alive another day, as right now i need to start dinner and clean up the messes that were made while I tried to figure out this blog thing. Bye!


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